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Dirty Dozen Jackpot Sit ‘n’ Go

promotions_dirty_dozen_jackpotThe buy-in is low, but you could win a quick $2,000 in cash if you win four of these nifty two-table, 12-player tournaments in a row.

Win $2,000 at our Dirty Dozen Jackpot Tournaments.

Win four “Dirty Dozen – Jackpot Sit ‘N’ Go” tournaments” in a row, and you’ll also win a $2,000 jackpot!

The Dirty Dozen is a two-table, twelve-player, $2 + $0.40 sit ‘n’ go tournament. As soon as twelve players sit down at the tables, the action begins. But the Dirty Dozen is much more than a regular sit ‘n’ go tournament. If you manage to win four tournaments in a row, you’ll take home not only the regular tournament winnings, and also receive our Dirty Dozen Jackpot Prize!

The Dirty Dozen Jackpot Tournaments offer a wonderful prize, for a very low entry fee. Big prizes for a small budget! Win our Dirty Dozen Jackpot today!

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