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Steps Tournaments

Turn a $0.16 start into a free seat at the Titan Poker $200,000 Guaranteed Tournament when you STEP your way to the top!

Steps is a 7-level tournament that allows players to climb up the ladder and get a chance to win the whopping $200,000 prize while earning buy-in tokens and cash rewards along the way.

Take a small step to a big payout

Playing in Steps tournaments gives you the opportunity to win a variety of buy-in tokens for the next level, another tournament on the same level, a lower level tournament, or other Titan Poker tournaments.

You don’t even have to start at Step 1. Players can buy in directly to any Steps Tournament at any level.

Mechanics of the Steps Tournament

Enter a Step 1 tournament for just $0.16 and play your way to Step 7, where you can win a $215-worth buy-in token to the $200,000 Guaranteed Tournament.

Each ladder step is a 10-player Sit ‘N’ Go tournament with a corresponding prize in tokens or cash reward. You can join these tournaments from the Titan Poker software under Sit ‘N’ Go –> Steps Sit ‘N’ Go.

If you finish first, second, third or fourth in any Steps tournament, you automatically get a free token to the next level. Each token comes with a specific buy-in amount which is determined by finishing position.

Even if you don’t advance to the next step, you may be able to replay or move up and down a Step tourney without spending a cent.

Steps Tournament Tokens

Starting at Step 2, winning tokens can be used as buy-ins for other scheduled tournaments at Titan Poker.

Step 2 tokens can be used to enter the $500GP Top Gear R/A, $0.5+$0.05 R/A and $0.5+$0.05 Turbo R/A.

Step 3 tokens can be used to enter the $1,000GP Daily Dollar R/A, $750GP R/A, $500GP R/A, $1.1 Freezeout, $1 PLO Freezeout, $1 PLO R/A and $1 R/A.

Step 4 tokens can be used to enter the $1,000GP PLH, $3,000 Rebuy, $3.3 Turbo R/A, $3.3 PLO Rebuy, $400GP R/A, $3.3 Rebuy, $1,500GP Speed R/A and $2,000 Speed Rebuy.

Step 5 tokens can be used to enter the $17,500 GP, $6,000 GP, Omaha Hi-Lo Freezeout, PLO ($10+1) Freezeout, $2,500 GP Freezeout, Holde’m Limit Freezeout, $1,500 GP-6 Max – Freezeout, $1,000 GP-6 Max, Freezeout ($10+1), Rebuy ($10+1), ($10+1) 6 player Freezeout, $750 GP Rebuy, $1,000GP Freezeout, $2,500 GP Rebuy, $1,000 GP Freezeout, $500GP PLO Rebuy, $10 Turbo R/A, $8,000 GP R/A, $1,500 Omaha Hi-Lo and ($10+1) Omaha Hi-Lo Freezeout.

Step 6 tokens can be used to enter the $6,000 GP Freezeout, $10,000 GP Rebuys, $30,000GP R/A, $3,000 GP Freezeout Double Stack and R/A $30+3.

Step 7 tokens can be used to enter the $25,000 Guaranteed R/A, $2,000GP DoubleStack Turbo and $50 PL Omaha $500 Guaranteed.

To view the complete payout structure of the Steps Tournaments, visit the Titan Poker website today.

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