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promotions_15k_jackpot$15,000 will be awarded to any player who wins five consecutive Maui Jackpot Sit ‘N’ Go tournaments. This prize is progressive, and it grows each week.

Win $15,000 or more at our Maui Jackpot Tournaments.

Win five “Maui – Jackpot Sit ‘N’ Go” tournaments” in a row, and you’ll also win a huge jackpot, starting at $15,000!

The Maui is a ten-player, $5 + $1 sit ‘n’ go tournament. As soon as ten players sit down at the table, the action begins. But the Maui is much more than a regular sit ‘n’ go tournament. If you manage to win five tournaments in a row, you’ll take home not only the regular tournament winnings, and also receive our Maui Jackpot Prize!

The Maui Jackpot is progressive, and grows bigger each week until someone claims it!

And they have a compensation prize as well. Finish in either 1st or 2nd place in five consecutive “Maui Jackpot Sit ‘N’ Go” tournaments and you’re entitled to a $200 Prize!

Win our Maui Jackpot – and your dreams will come true!

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