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Win Your Way in the Titan Double Challenge

In Titan Double Challenge, players can win as much as $1,000 of cash every day. During the first tournament, it is even possible that you win the two Double Challenge tournaments and you will collect for the huge Progressive Jackpot at stake. This will start at 21:35 GMT for the first tournament and 21:40 on the second tournament. As you have observed, there will be enough time for the first set to be enjoyed. This is the reason why it is called as doublet the excitement with double the game.

It is also possible that you bring home the extra $200 just as you finish the game belonging to the top three in both of the tournaments. These prizes are collected from the regular prizes money. So, are you that excited already? If you are, then just get yourself ready for the two tournaments that will only amount for $1 + $1 plus you can already go after the jackpot prizes. And what is more to it is the fact that you can go after the minimum sum of jackpot which amounts to $1,000. In this Titan Double Challenge, the Bonus Titan Poker will place $0.50 to every $1 that you placed as for the registration. But you can also get the Special offers from this tournament.

If you have any question about its rules, these series of tournament will be given on the same day. And, it needs also about 20 players to complete the game set and the prize money to collect for the prize.

Bonuses Coming From Online Poker Sites Like Titan Poker

One of the things poker sites are known for is the bonuses they’ll give online to their members.  Although they seem to be a liability to some people, these sites are able to get the most out benefit since they’re able to increase their revenue in doing so.  By knowing that bonuses are given online, they would go to the site and become members to get the bonuses.  Thus, bringing more revenues to the website.

Titan Poker website is one of the popular poker sites that offer these bonuses and even more to people.  the site was maintained by Playtech.  They’ve been a known and reliable gaming company and tied up with one of the popular poker sites people can find online.  Download Titan Poker has one of the best sign up bonuses offered to their members aside from just having a good set of promotions in store for them.  Once a player made a deposit, they would start to can have the chance to have their share on their $1200 guaranteed prize.  By checking out Bonus Titan Poker, players are assured of quality customer service and top quality games apart from just getting various bonuses and top prizes as they play poker online.