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Two Periods of MTT Challenge

Starting today, up to the 27th of April 2012, players of Titan Poker Review can enjoy playing in the multi-table tournaments. This will allow players to rank high for the MTT Challenge Leaderboard. Those who will be a part of the top ranking players in the multi-table tournaments will have rewards. As much as $40,000 can be won as prizes. So, if you also wanted to participate in the tournament, you can just simply opt-in in the game and get ranked according to your finishing position. The tournament buy-in and number of players will also be considered for the rankings.

There will be 20 best tournament results since the Club Titan Poker management is looking forward for quality instead of quantity. It will mean that you can win more if you have more tournaments played. Aside from that, it allows you to have better chances of improving your finishes in the game. You can climb your ranks as you get better final position too. When you play in the multi-table tournaments, you can sure improe your odds of the winning prizes.

You can also get points when you regularly participate in the multi-table tournaments. The game will just have derivatives on the prize pool and finishing position of the player too. The best 20 results during the month will be counted towards the leaderboard score. If you wanted to join the MTT Challenge Leaderbord this month of March, you can win for prize package. Just take note that it will run in two periods: March 8 – March 28, 2012 / April.

Your Initial Deposit entitles you for $2,500 New Depositors Freeroll tournaments

You can get your share of cash in Club Titan Poker just as you make your first deposit. This is how the process works:

First, you need to make your first deposit so that you will get the four free tokens. These tokens will entitle you to join the $2,500 New Depositors Freeroll tournaments with no additional cost. The great thing with this tournament is the fact that it is staged twice in a month. It is scheduled every Thursday nights at 20:00 of the server time in Titan Poker Code Bonus. The $2,500 New Depositors Freeroll tournaments will be open to all players who are making their first deposit. If you are worried also that you will need to pay more after the registration, do not worry. This tournament has absolutely no room for additional fees. The tokens that you received during your registration will not be exchanged for other promotion. Meaning to say, you ought to really play it in $2,500 New Depositors Freeroll tournaments.

Your tokens will also be expired after three months that passed and you have not played it yet. If you are still new to this game, just download the Titan Poker software. Then, you need to register for an account to make an initial deposit after which. Then, you are set for the poker game. If you have registered to the game and it has already started, the tokens will be given to you the following week. Meaning to say, the freeroll that you can participate will be on the next week.

The Great Titan Poker Sale is Here

How would you like to take part in the biggest sale there is? Titan Poker’s Super Sale offer poker members to participate in a once in a lifetime experience! Imagine taking part in the biggest tournament buy-in discounts and win guaranteed prize money in various tournaments to the tune of $1,000,000 in total grand prizes!

Titan Poker’s Super Sale will start on May 28 until June 12, 2011. Expect huge discounts ranging from 50% to as much as 80% off regular poker tournament buy-in prizes. Be one of the lucky players who will win over $1,000,000 in guaranteed prizes in the Super Sale.

Players have the option to take part in Titan Poker’s sale promotion and will be awarded with prizes for their participation. Additionally, Club Titan Poker members can register for the $250,000 Gtd. tournaments through qualifying satellites or buy-in directly. Note that each Mega satellite has over 80 seats up for grabs.

Join Titan Poker

Join the most exclusive online poker VIP club and win cash prizes and other bonuses!

You play well, you earn prizes only at Club Titan! Titan Poker’s reward program gives chance to all members to win various rewards including cash prizes and other bonuses from different promo and events. Do you want to join the big league? Then brush up on your skills and join Club Titan’s reward program today!

Joining the reward program is easy. Players just need to:
Step 1: Play at Titan Poker to earn points
Step 2: Based on your game play, you get a VIP Points Boost
Step 3: Cash in your points!

Players can cash in their accumulated points for Cash Bonuses or Tournament Tokens, whenever they like. What’s more, you get more points if you hold out until the next level! Point redemption packages are available in the store.

Club Titan players will be rewarded according to their game play. And get this, if you play at higher stakes, you will receive Points much faster than someone who plays at lower stakes! While all players will earn points equally, the more you play, the better the rewards!
For information about VIP benefits and point and rewards ration at Club Titan Poker, click the link.

WSOP Pot-Limit Omaha Package From Titan Poker

WSOP has a lot of events and you can play on lots of them.  the good thing about this event is Club Titan Poker can help you be a part of this event because of their packages.  Apart from allowing players to play on the Main Event, the will also give people the chance to play on their side events like the WSOP Pot-Limit Omaha.  Titan Poker also set packages for this event to ensure they’ll still be a part of WSOP.

Just like the WSOP Main Event, Super Satellites and qualifying satellites have been set for this event.  The good thing about qualifying on WSOP PLO is the amount can be as low as $16.50.

Satellites will being on April 3, 2011 while the first Super Satellite is set on April 8th while the last will be set on June 3rd.  They just need to check out on the schedules posted on Review Titan Poker site to fully enjoy the event.

As for the package, it will have the buy-in for the PLO event as well as the accommodation of five days and spending money.  This will ensure they’ll have fun on this event and finally attain their dream of being a part of WSOP event.

Titan Poker’s Bad Beat Bonus

Being beaten up is something that people should not like unless it’s due to different bonuses.  This is what Club Titan Poker would give their members through their Bad Beat Bonuses.  With this bonus, it will still be possible for players to get a hold of these bonuses even if they lose their tournaments.

This bonus is given a player has a top hand on the match but are still unable to win on the game.  They just need to follow its conditions and they can get the payout as given by this Bad Beat Bonus.  One requirement needed to be met is to have a set of 4 Kings or higher to qualify for this bonus.  In addition, both pocket cards must be employed on both hands whether winning or losing.

The payout for this bonus is worth $250 to the losing hand qualifies for the bonus.  In order to get this bonus, the player should send an email to their support email in 48 hours.

In order to know more about the Bad Beat Bonus rules, players need to check the Titan Poker Review website to get more information about it.  This will serve as a good consolation for individuals who may have the top hand but are unable to win the game.

Titan Poker European Stars

Club Titan Poker has been popular in serving people among the most popular poker games they can try out.  This time, they try to conquer the European tables by showing the European Stars are.

Why European stars?  Titan Poker is setting two races for generated points on two different European cash tables worth €5,000.  European cash tables for Euro and GBP are the main stars for this event.  What the players need to do is to set their names on the leaderboard and get a hold of exciting prize pool.

In order to be a part of this event, they have to remember the race dates scheduled in two periods.  The first race will start on March 30 up to April 5.  The second race will be held on April 13 and will continue to run until April 19.

The good news is every player can try out for this event and get their chance in winning on this exciting event.  About the payout structure, the first placer will get €1,650.  So if you want to be a part of this Titan Poker Review event, check out their website and check their terms and conditions in playing the game.  You’ll never know but you may be the next European star on this event.

VIP Tournaments As Experienced At Titan Poker

Club Titan Poker provides a diverse set of games that will match every player who visit their site.  One of their banner tournaments re the VIP tournaments set several times in a week.

Since these are VIP events, they have other requirements like points needed to be earned as well as VIP levels.  Their VIP tournaments held every Tuesday is called Nickel Weekly $250 FR are open for VIP 2 and would require 50 points for playing.

Wednesday’s Bronze Weekly $500 FR are offered to VIP 3 and are required to have 100 points.  This event is held every 20:00 GMT.

Every Saturday at 22:00, the Weekly $1,000 VIP Freeroll is held for VIP 3 to VIP 9 with 200 points.  Although they have the Bronze Weekly every Wednesday, they allot the last Wednesday of the month for their monthly VIP $5,000 for VIP 4 to 9 with 1000 points.

If you’re planning to be one of their VIP members, just check their website and see your eligibility in being one and try out one of these tournaments.  Start enjoying these games together with other player and with the quality service as offered by Titan Poker Download, the top online poker player site throughout the world of online poker games.

Titan Poker VIP Club – Exchange Your VIP Points For Cash

If you will look at many poker sites or groups, you’ll find out that all they have their own VIP clubs.  The good thing about being VIP members is they are more eligible on other things that the site is offering.  But in terms of VIP clubs, Titan Poker’s VIP club is perhaps the most rewarding club any poker player can try out.

One of the feature of this VIP club is they will exchange these points into cash so the players will enjoy it more.  In order to earn points, they should play at Titan Poker and start getting points on every hand played.

They would need to earn a certain amount of point in order to be a part of their VIP level.  This is the time where they can boost their points through VIP boosts.  Once they’ve earned these points, they can exchange the points for cash.

If you want to be a member of this Titan Poker VIP club, all you just need to do is to log on to Titan Poker in order to get more information about their events and other promotions.  This will give you more idea about being a member and start exchanging points to cash.

The Ins and Outs of Club Titan Poker


When you happen to be a member of the prestigious online poker club named Titan Poker then you might be wondering what’s behind the organization. You can pick up a bit about the Club by reading this article. This is short but descriptive on the benefits you can get from signing in to the Club and will help you get started if you’re just a beginner. Continue reading The Ins and Outs of Club Titan Poker »