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Late Registration Option in Titan Poker

The new tournament from Titan Poker called Double Challenge will start at exactly 21:35 and 21:40 GMT and this will be the schedule for every evening. The prize for this tournament is progressive so it will keep growing if no one wins in the day. But, what if the player have logged-in to the game at 21:45 GMT, he can attempt to take down of the Double Challenge tournaments on the next night since the game has just ended. There are also multi-table tournaments to welcome for the late entries to be included still in the Double Challenge. These tournaments will be available through level 4.

Once you have logged-in to the Titan Poker and in the tournament in particular, there will be small icon that you will see next to your listing. This small icon appears like a clock. The other players can still join for the tournament that is already playing. There will be “Late Reg.” and “running” status that you will see. The late registration is applicable for Titan Poker’s $50 Guaranteed R/A, $100 Guaranteed R/A, and $200 Guaranteed R/A tournaments. These are the three events with inexpensive buy-ins already. There are also special offers aside from this one.

If you are playing in the regular schedule network tournaments, the late registration option will also be added. It will be soon applicable for Beginners Freerolls, Guaranteed Prize Tournaments, VIP Tournaments, VIP Sit ‘N’ Gos, Regional Tournaments, and lastly Daily Tournaments. All of which are even Texas Hold’em No Limit if you have observed.

Double Challenge Won by Lithuanian Player

It was last Friday since the player from Ukraine named “farfarfrom” was actually close to win the double challenge tournaments. The mere fact that it attracted about 74 players makes it really ideal. Out of that number of players, it was the player from Ukraine who finished as the second place. When the second tournament started, the 76 players were drawn and just five minutes later, “farfarfrom” finished as the third place. On that same night, that player was awarded with $200 for the prize after he finished the top three places.

There was another batch of 76 players on Saturday night who started the first Double Challenge tournament. They started at exactly 21:35 GMT of the server time. As the second tournament started later, there were registered 68 players. It was “arturaso”, a player from Lithuania, who played both of the said tournaments. It took two hours for the second tournament to last while the first one was about three hours. The player from Lithuania eventually knocks out another player from Russia. At first, this Russian player started with his one on one competition wherein he have a 2-1 lead in chips. But during the final hand, the Lithuanian player formed pair of kings for the flop. That was enough to eventually beat the pocket tens of the Russian player.

The winner believes that it requires extensive grind to actually won the tournament. And so, “arturaso” claimed the winning prize of $2,234.50. He was also the 11th winning player to win the Jackpot for Double Challenge.

Grab Progressive Jackpot Prize in Double Challenge from Titan Poker

There will be a series of game to be staged in Titan Poker Tournament. This is called the Titan Double Challenge where the tournaments will be scheduled. The great thing about this tournament is that the players of poker can double their enjoinment and even have the chance to win the cash prize of $1,000 every day. Just one the same day, there will be two Double Challenge tournaments. The schedule of each tournament differs. The 1st tournament will be at 21:35; 2nd tournament at 21:40 GMT. And if that is not yet enough, there is still Progressive Jackpot to be won.

If you will also get the opportunity to finish the game being on the top three players, you can also win the extra amount of $200 which is still a part of their Double Challenge Promotion. You can go after the jackpot yourself with just buy-in for the amount of $1 + $1. That amount is already intended for two tournaments already. But you may be wondering how their management were able to get the sum for the jackpot prize? The answer is that they are collecting it from the $0.50 of every $1 worth of registration fee towards the tournament.

The full details of the game are schedule right on the Special Offers section of the software of Download Titan Poker. Remember also that as part of their game clarification of rules, the player will win the entire progressive jackpot if the two tournaments in the series will be won by the same player.

Titan Poker’s $1+$1 Double Challenge

Titan Poker has become a leader in 3D graphics and audio. It has now huge bonus incentive and has the biggest jackpots, too. Since they have all the reason to encourage you to play in their tables, you should have a clear sight of their top poker league. There are low to medium limits that you should also be aware of.

As July begin, there is a reduce for the Double Challenge buy-in. Such is $1+$1 Double Challenge. This is a progressive Jackpot and is more lucrative than other tournaments. Good news is that the tournament fee is still the same yet the Jackpot rises in the current rate. You only have to register in the Double Challenge tournaments so you could take the place in both the game and get the chance to claim the Jackpot.
Titan Poker is a great choice even for non-US players and there is a large promotion held almost every month including the world’s largest TV tournaments. Generally, there are also from the level of the opposition. There are always plenty of opponents to play the game, thus everyone is given the chance to win in the most thrilling and fashionable tournaments. Even novice player can win big cash prizes by just quickly familiarizing the constant patterns of the game.

Grab the chance to visit the special offers section if you have the Titan Poker software. This give you more hint to finish the Top 3 and you will receive the consolation prize of $200. Surely, the prizes are just on top of the regular money prize in other tournaments.

Double Challenge – Winning More Through Titan Poker

Being able to join different daily events set by Titan Poker Review will surely bring you lots of different things on the table in terms of excitement and p0rices. One of the events you must watch out is the Double Challenge that gives you the opportunity to win around $1000 each day.

Double Challenge is known as among the popular events set by Titan Poker Bonus set at an interval of 5 minutes. What makes this more special is the fact that you can take home their progressive jackpot for the day. Currently, the progressive jackpot has reached a whopping amount of $2,200 to date.

In addition to the main prices, this event also promises a lot of different you can enjoy. For instance, they have bonuses to give to players who will top the leader board within the tournament. This is a good way of motivating more players to try it out. By doing so, you can take home an additional $200 on your prize payout.

If you want to take advantage of this challenge, the buy-in prize is just at $5+$1 for each event. In known how to win the jackpot prize, check out the Special offers section found in the Titan Poker software.

Titan Poker – Double Challenge and Its Progressive Jackpot

Double Challenge is one of the hottest events set by Titan Poker tournament these days as it allows player to win $1,000 at the least daily for this event. The main thing people are looking forward to this event is the progressive prize they can get in this event.

Getting a hold of the progressive jackpot is something players can get by winning their two Double Challenges. Other bonus comes in by winning an additional $200 by being able to be on the top 3 players of these two events.

In order to add amounts of money on the progressive jackpot, Titan Poker will hold 50% of $1 registration and add it to the main amount. Typically, the minimum sum of this jackpot will always be $1,000. As of this time, the progressive jackpot is around $1,500 and is really something players must look forward to.

If you want to get a chance for this prize, make sure to look for Special offers tab or section on your Titan Poker download software. Also, make sure to read their website to ensure you’ll know the terms and conditions of the event. This will help you just enjoy the game and free from possible confusion from it.