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Canadian Wins 1M Gold Coins Titan Treasure Hunt

Titan Poker has brought the fun back into poker with Titan Treasures. In this promotion, players who complete certain poker achievements are awarded with virtual gold coins that they can exchange for tickets to random prizes.

When you sit down at one of Titan Poker’s many cash tables or tournaments, you’re never quite sure when you’re going to be rewarded with gold coins. The best way to quickly amass a huge amount of gold coins is to play in the monthly 1,000,000 Coins Treasure Hunt freeroll.

The 1,000,000 Coins Treasure Hunt is staged at the end of each month and is open to all players. Buy-ins are only 50 Points and there are re-buys and an add-on available.

The September edition of the 1,000,000 Coins Treasure Hunt took place on September 26 and drew a starting field of 1,601 players. When the final table was reached, the chipleader was “YACOPO” from Mexico and the shortest stack was that of Canadian player “zagareseh”. The balance between the two would change dramatically by the end of the tournament.

First to fall was “ivancechin” from Moldova who shoved all-in with A♠ 8♦ only to lose to a pair of fours. Next to go was Dutch player “Johanius” who held K♥ 9♥ and was happy to see a flop of Q♦ Q♥ K♦, but Argentinian player “Bochar” held 9♣ T♣ and the turn was a jack which gave him a straight.

Two hands later, Irish player “dbabrop” was eliminated in 7th place when his J♥ A♠ lost to the better kicker of “YACOPO”, who held K♥ A♦. Some 30 hands later, “Bochar” was knocked out by the pair of queens held by “JennyBrown” from the United Kingdom.

“TTR147769362″ from Latvia was eliminated in fifth place when “YACOPO”, still the chipleader, was able to pair up aces on the flop. On the very next hand, “JennyBrown” was knocked out when “hoenseven” from Denmark paired up eights on the flop.

Three-handed play found “YACOPO” slightly ahead of “zagareseh” with “hoenseven” lagging a bit behind. The Danish player fell victim to a pair of queens held by “YACOPO” and heads-up play began with “YACOPO” regaining his lead.

Five hands of heads-up were played, none of them particularly exciting. On the final hand of the tournament, “zagareseh” pushed all-in pre-flop with a pair of queens and “YACOPO” called holding J♥ T♦. No helpful cards came on the flop, turn, or river, and the tournament win went to Canadian “zagareseh”, who was rewarded with 150,000 Gold Coins for his first place finish.

Runner-up “YACOPO” received 100,000 Gold Coins, third placer “hoenseven” got 80,000 Gold Coins, fourth place “JennyBrown” won 60,000 Gold Coins, and “TTR147769362″ received 50,000 Gold Coins for finishing fifth.

Full House Wins Titan Poker Facebook Freeroll Again

A total of 2,256 players competed in the $500 Facebook Freeroll last September 5, 2012. The tournament lasted just under four hours and when the two finalists were dealt cards in what would turn out to be their final hand, they both ended up hitting a full house.

“klavi84″ from Romania and “kyzia07″ from the Ukraine had almost equal chip stacks after four hands of heads-up play. The blinds were 50,000/100,000 and the ante was 10,000 when the cards were dealt Q♦ J♠ for “klavi84″ and 2♠ 6♠ for “kyzia07″.

“klavi84″ raised to 200,000 and “kyzia07″ called. The flop was dealt Q♥ 2♥ 2♦.

The Romanian had paired his high card while the Ukrainian had a set of deuces. “kyzia07″ checked and “klavi84″ bet 210,000.

“kyzia07″ re-raised to 420,000 and “klavi84″ responded by going all-in. “kyzia07″ called.

All the chips were in the middle as the turn was dealt Q♣.

This gave the Romanian his full house and left “kyzia07″ with only one out — the final two. But when the river was dealt it turned out to be 6♥. That gave the Ukrainian his own full house, deuces over sixes, but it wasn’t enough to beat the queens over deuces scored by the Romanian, who won the tournament first prize of $120. “kyzia07″ brought home $75 for placing second.

The final hand of the last Facebook freeroll was also won by a full house. On August 22, Russian player “GAUTAM12710″ hit a full house, fours over aces, to win the $1,000 Facebook Freeroll. A total of 2,211 players participated in that event.

The Facebook Freeroll is a regular tournament hosted by Titan Poker Tournament for its members on social media. Subscribe to this page to get the latest updates on Titan Poker promotions and tournaments so you can join the action and win some cool prizes.

Weekly Depositors Freeroll With $1,250 Guaranteed Prize

Poker players love freerolls, and the Titan Poker tournament schedule is full of them, held at different times of the day. However, many of the freerolls offer low prizes and are run exclusively for various affiliates. One tourney that has attracted many Titan Poker members is the Weekly Depositors Freeroll – open to all players who make a deposit, with a guaranteed prize pool of $1,250 each week.

If you make a deposit this week, you will automatically get a free token to next week’s Depositors Freeroll. Many players do, in fact, spread out their deposits every week of the month just so they can play this freeroll tournament.

The Weekly Depositors Freeroll is staged every Monday at 17:00 GMT+1. Tokens to the tournament are issued on Monday morning, giving all eligible players ample time to register for the freeroll.

The Weekly Depositors Freeroll held last August 6, 2012 attracted 880 players and lasted over six hours. Portuguese player “maritimo1″ won the tournament, bringing home $275.15 as first prize. “TTR100449832″ and “AlucardLK”, who are both from Ukraine, finished second and third respectively, winning $150 and $100.

Argentinian Wins 150,000 Gold Coins at Titan Poker Treasure Hunt Freeroll

Titan Poker has truly brought back the fun in poker with its Titan Treasures promotion. Players have gone into hunting mode, collecting those precious Gold Coins with very little effort.

Titan Treasures is the easiest way to score huge prizes – no need to spend huge amounts of cash or display exceptional poker skills. Titan Gold Coins can be traded for valuable treasures that range from cash bonuses to tournament tokens to exclusive Titan Poker merchandise.

Every month Titan Poker Tournament is hosting a Treasure Hunt freeroll that awards players with huge stacks of Gold Coins. On the last Sunday of July, the 1,000,000 Coins Treasure Hunt freeroll attracted 1,841 players, all of them eager to finish “in the Gold Coins”.

The tournament ran for just over five hours, with “Maximin2011″ from Argentina bringing home the top prize of 150,000 Gold Coins. As per Titan Treasures rules, “Maximin2011″ can immediately exchange his Gold Coins for three Titan Treasures tickets and receive prizes up to a total maximum value of $1,220.

Romanian player “coma22″ collected 100,000 Gold Coins for finishing second, while “LombertsAndy” of Russia added 80,000 Gold Coins to his chest as reward for his third place finish.

Other players who landed in the Top 10 are “migato0808″ of Ukraine (60,000 Coins), Kazakh player “Shah01888″ (50,000 Coins), “AdamCeee” of Canada (40,000 Coins), “wookee13″ of the UK (30,000 Coins), Swedish player “arnold5000″ (20,000 Coins), Russian player “TTR147495802″ (10,000 Coins), and “OliverNick” of Finland (9,000 Coins).

Titan Poker €2,000 Freeroll Winners in July

Titan Poker players who frequent European tables are in for a special treat every month.

Players who generate at least 50 Points at EUR/GBP tables within a month are invited to participate in an exclusive freeroll tournament staged in their favorite currency the following month.

The €2,000 Freeroll that took place last July 6, 2012 attracted 1,179 players. On the final hand, Polish player “incomer84″ was just slightly ahead of Portuguese player “pokeralho3″. The blinds were 250,000 / 500,000 and there was a 62,000 ante. From the small blind, holding an unsuited T 7, “pokeralho3″ raised to 1,000,000. “incomer84″, called with an unsuited 5 8.

The flop was dealt as T 8 2 and both players found themselves with a pair. “incomer84″ checked and “pokeralho3″ bet out 2,124,000 with his tens. The Polish player called.

The turn was dealt and it was a five. This gave “incomer84″ the lead with two pairs, but again he checked. With the ten the high card on the board, “pokeralho3″ went all-in. “incomer84″ made the call and turned over his two pairs. The river was an ace which didn’t change anything.

For his first place finish in the €2,000 Freeroll, “incomer84″ won €344. “pokeralho3″ won €250 for placing second. Players from the UK, Ireland, Denmark, Hungary, Russia, Slovenia, and Ukraine also finished in the money.

€2,000 Freeroll for Titan Poker Euro Players

Bonus Titan Poker players who frequent European tables are in for a special treat every month.

Players who generate at least 50 Points at EUR/GBP tables within a month are invited to participate in an exclusive freeroll tournament staged in their favorite currency the following month.

The €2,000 Freeroll that took place in June attracted 1,030 players and ran for 6 1/2 hours – making it the highlight of Euro tournament action for the night. After all the cards were dealt, the chips concentrated in front of German player “ZlatnaRiba”, who captured first place and won €346.40.

When heads-up play started, “ZlatnaRiba” and British player “DonkWorld” were even in chips. Two hands later, “ZlatnaRiba” pushed all-in pre-flop holding an unmatched J 9. “DonkWorld”, who was just slightly ahead in chips, called with pocket sixes. The flop delivered a jack, and that pushed nearly all the chips to “ZlatnaRiba”.

When the tournament was over, “DonkWorld” pocketed €255 for finishing in second place.

The next €2,000 Freeroll will be staged on July 6, 2012. Players who earn at least 50 Points at the EUR/GBP tables for the month of June will receive their free entry token to this freeroll on July 1.

$1,250 Weekly Depositors Freeroll

Every time you make a deposit at Titan Poker Bonus, you’ll receive an exclusive invitation to the Weekly Depositors Freeroll where you can compete for the $1,250 in guaranteed prizes.

$5,000 guaranteed monthly!

Every Saturday at 17:00 GMT, Titan Poker stages its Weekly Depositors Freeroll tournament which is open to all players who made deposits during the previous week. There is no buy-in to these exciting tournaments, and absolutely no room fees!

Tokens to the Weekly Depositors Freeroll are issued 24-72 hours after you make your deposit. These tokens will expire after two weeks.

Players can receive a maximum of one Depositors Freeroll token per week. These tokens cannot be exchanged for cash or any other promotion, and can only be used during the two weeks after they have been issued.

To check your tournament tokens, click on the My Account section of the Titan Poker software.

$10,000 New Depositors Freerolls

Make a first deposit today and win your share of $10,000!

All players who make a first deposit at Titan Poker are eligible to participate in four New Depositors Freerolls. These freerolls are staged twice a month on Thursday nights at 20:00.

After making your first deposit, you will receive four (4) free tokens to the $2,500 New Depositors Freeroll tournaments. There is no buy-in to these exciting tournaments, and absolutely no room fees!

These tokens cannot be exchanged for cash or any other promotion, and will expire three months after they have been issued.

To join the action at the New Depositors $2,500 Freeroll tournaments, download the Titan Poker software, create a real money account, and make an initial deposit.

New Depositors $2,500 Freeroll tournament tokens are usually awarded within 72 hours of your first deposit.

Win a Tournament This New Year

In addition to the bonuses and promotions from Titan Poker, they are introducing a special $10,000 Freeroll. This is their way to welcome their avid players the chance to win as the year 2012 opens. This promotion is even a part of the winter edition which means great prizes are at stake. So, that gives you enough reason then to celebrate the New Year if you will be the one to generate the 250 points. But to make the tournament clearer to you, below are the detailed rules.

Once you have checked out the special offers tab in the main site of Titan Poker Bonus Code, you will see their 2012 $10,000 Freeroll. It is needed for the player to earn the 250 points during the month of December. Meaning to say, you have days still to join the tournament. This will be staged after all this coming 2nd day of January. A day before the tournament will the tokens are issued to the players who registered in this said tournament.

The Titan Poker has just proven to people that their network is improving more that ever. And there are also plenty of opponents who are interested in playing the tournament. Thus everybody is given the chance to win the most thrilling and fashionable poker tournaments. Just remember though that the management have the right to deny entry for this freeroll tournament if they found player to be soft playing in the game. The exact time for this tournament will be at 19:30 GMT.

2012 $10,000 Freeroll This New Year

New Year is coming and no one is stopping it. Since it is nearly upon us, the Titan Poker is also celebrating this special event with their promotions to offer to the avid poker players. You can also take the chance to be a part of this special one-off $10,000 freeroll. It is just simple to take entry to this event.

The players are needed to earn 250 points in the Month of December. That way, he or she will be considered eligible for the Titan Poker $10k Freeroll. The continuation of this tournament will take place on January 2nd at 1930 GMT. Just be able to follow the requirements and you already earn your entry to the new year tournament.

This is a part of the winter edition where the poker room promises you with holiday period prizes. The prize for the winter edition reached as much as $50,000. This includes the three day weekly cash table races, the sit and go tournament and then the happy hours for the cash tables. This will even bring you more cash in as much as fifty percent. So, why would you really choose for poker? The answer is as simple as the rules of the games above are. This poker room is one of the most popular poker rooms online. You as the player could get more chances of earning the cash games and even guide during your play is possible. Check out other weekly tournaments and daily tournaments under promotion tab from poker.

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