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Win a €3,200 prize package to the 2013 Irish Open

Titan Poker is holding a super satellite at 20:00 GMT with three guaranteed prizes to the 2013 Irish Open. Each prize package will include the following:

  • €2,000 + €250 buy-in to the Main Event
  • €395 for 5 nights’ accommodation and breakfast at the Burlington Hotel in Dublin (March 28 – April 2)
  • €525 for flights and spending

The Irish Open is the longest running poker tournament in Europe, and every year Titan Poker stages special satellites to give players a chance to compete with the best poker pros in Dublin.

The Irish Open is traditionally held over Easter weekend and takes place at the Burlington Hotel. The Irish Open 2013 Main Event will be staged from March 29 – April 1.

Tonight’s super satellite to the Irish Open Main Event is a €160 + €16 freezeout tournament. Players can qualify through one of the many low-priced satellites running throughout the day.

Don’t miss this great opportunity to win a seat to the 2013 Irish Open. Register through a Titan Poker satellite qualifier now to play for the €3,200 prize package.

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The Irish Open Mega Satellite Countdown

The players of Titan Poker in the upcoming Irish Open in Dublin can compete with the other best poker players in the world. This is because they will play live in the game where other players are also present. For instance, you can see the well-known names of Daniel Negreanu, Phil Hellmuth, Erick Lindgren, and Eoghan O’Dea and other players. If you wanted to be a part of the event and win great prizes, there is a satellite rounds in the main site of Titan Poker.

As much €4,600 package can be given to you in the game. This is just a part of the ongoing satellite series. The buy-ins to the Irish Open Main Event will be €3,200 + €300. That is all it takes to win live in Dublin. If you are wondering what composes the said prize package, here are the following. It includes €3,200 + €300 Buy-in to the Irish Open Main Event; €395 for 5 nights’ accommodation and breakfast at the Burlington Hotel in Dublin, April 5th – April 10th, 2012; €50 for handling fees; and €655 for flights and spending. If you really wanted to win the amazing trip in Dublin, you need to play the Irish Open 2012 Mega Super Satellite in Titan Poker. It will start this Sunday of March 18. Also, do not forget that the exact time will start at 20:00 GMT. You just need to be a qualifier and win the package so that you can go live game in Dublin for the next month.

Titan Poker – Green Is Better With Money And Irish Open 2011

The color green can make a person think of money because of how the currency looks like. But it’s a different perspective when it comes to Titan Poker Review. For them, green is not only money but also a representative color for Ireland. They once again proved that they’re the best companies people can work with because of their offered packages like the case of Irish Open 2011.

Irish Open 2011 is among the most prominent many poker players would like to attend to. With the help of Titan Poker, many employers can have the chance to be a part of this tournament due their Irish Open 2011 package to give out to their players. Just like their other packages, the package used for this event will cover just about anything that they need in visiting the gaming venue. For instance, it will cover their accommodation, buy-in amount, and a lot more. As long as they have this package they’ll never have any problems in playing for this event.

By checking out Titan Poker Download, you’ll see how simple it is to be a part of this event and have the chance to be a part of this wondrous event every poker player would like to try out.

Titan Poker’s €4,600 Irish Open 2011

Titan Poker has once again set their popularity and service by providing another set of package suitable for people who want to be a part of a grand poker event overseas.  This event is the Irish Open 2011 and Titan Poker is willing to give package to people who will win this in the process.

Irish Open 2011 is one of the known events to be held in Ireland on April 22 up to April 25 this year.  To be held in the beautiful Burlington Hotel in Dublin, this event is one of the most anticipated events of the year for poker players.  Titan Poker Bonus on the other hand is willing to give out package to bring people to this event.  The package is worth €4,600 and will settle all their possible expenses within the event.  From lodging, buy-in, and even personal spending money, this amount of money will be used to settle all.

In order to have a shot in getting this Irish Open package, visit Titan Poker website and see their direct buy-in prices and even joining other satellite events.  This will help you get a hold of the package and what you need to do to obtain it for yourself.

Titan Poker Irish Open 2011 package – An Introduction of Irish Open 2011

Prominent poker events are being held all throughout the world on a regular basis. In fact, a lot of individuals are doing their best to be part of it. As for Titan Poker bonus code, they help these individuals to have the chance to play on these events by providing packages for various poker events like the Irish Open 2011.

Irish Open 2011 is an annual poker event set in Dublin, Ireland, which is considered as a great place to play poker. This even is also a prominent event all over Europe where a lot of people all over the world meet to play poker. For this year, Irish Open 2011 will be opened at The Burlington Hotel, a known hotel situated at the central part of the city. Continue reading Titan Poker Irish Open 2011 package – An Introduction of Irish Open 2011 »

Titan Poker and the Irish Open

The Irish Open is coming up. As one of the most prestigious poker tournaments in Europe, many of the world’s best players will likely be putting in appearances in order to try and win some of the prestige that the tournament offers every single year. This year, the tournament will begin on April 1st and end on April 5th. The host is the Burlington Hotel which is located right in the heart of the city of Dublin, one of the most fun party cities to be in. That makes this year’s Irish Open a particularly juicy prize and Titan Poker is going to give its players a chance to get there for much less than you’d have to pay otherwise.

Titan poker Irish open

Sign up to get your seat in the Irish Open 2010

This year, the Titan Poker prize package for the Irish Open is worth $7200 or EUR 4800.00. This includes not only the EUR 3200.00 + EUR 300.00 buy-in for the tournament, but it also includes the following additions:

• EUR 350.00 that can be used for hotel expenditures at the Burlington Hotel (this money is good enough for accommodations from March 31st to April 6th and also comes with complimentary breakfast items).
• EUR 100.00 that will get you into the organized lounge party that will be taking place to ring in the Irish Open tournament for 2010.
• EUR 50.00 for ancillary fees.
• EUR 800.00 that should be good enough for you to book airfare to and from Dublin as well as spending money for the time during which you’re in the city.

This is an excellent prize package that you can win by playing the satellite tournaments located on Titan Poker. The only catch that comes with playing in these tournaments is that if you win the prize, you cannot get it in cash or transfer it to another player. If you win, you either go to Dublin and participate in the tournament or you forfeit the prize money. Keep that in mind if you do decide to participate in satellite tournaments for this prize package as it is an important fact to take note of.