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Lord of the Grind Challenge

Win up to $250 in monthly bonuses from the Lord of The Grind promotion.

The infamous Lord of the Grind is holding his monthly poker grinder trials. Pass one of his challenges to claim your rewards and take your honorary seat as a Knight of the Round Poker Table.

Titan Poker is rolling out its Lord of the Grind promotion starting March 1, 2012. Players who generate a specific number of points from Titan Poker cash games and tournaments can qualify for a cash reward and pending bonus. There are four levels of difficulty in this challenge:

Level 1 – 30 points in 10 days = $5 cash plus $15 bonus; 30 points in 20 days = $5 cash plus $25 bonus

Level 2 – 100 points in 10 days = $5 cash plus $35 bonus; 100 points in 20 days = $10 cash plus $70 bonus

Level 3 – 250 points in 10 days = $10 cash plus $90 bonus; 250 points in 20 days = $10 cash plus $140 bonus

Level 4 – 1000 points in 10 days = $20 cash plus $180 bonus; 1000 points in 20 days = $25 cash plus $225 bonus

Players do not need to achieve their target points in consecutive days, but rather in the course of a calendar month. If you qualified for multiple levels then you will receive the highest reward.

Prizes will be issued on the first Monday of each month. Pending bonuses can be redeemed as you play on the tables and are valid for 30 days.

To take part in the challenge, you must opt-in each month on the Titan Poker website.

How to check your status

A status progress widget is available on the Titan Poker website and the poker software so you can track your achievement at the different levels.

To track your progress, click the Check Your Status button on the website or get updated through the poker software under “News and Offers”.

Once you are on the status page, log in with your username and password and you will see the following:

Monthly calendar – shows your history of points accumulation for each day
Progress table – shows your daily progress for all Lord of the Grind qualification levels
Status bar – shows points generated today, your current rank (if completed) and days left in the month

Daily point totals and achievement statuses will be updated approximately every 30 minutes in the poker client and on the website.

It is not easy to become a Lord of the Grind Knight, but the rewards are plenty. Prove that you are worthy by opting in today.