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You didn’t Win Money You Earned Money

If you are a poker player that plays to win and plays for money then you have probably ran into those guys who play poker for fun every once in a while. You can always tell that these guys are not every day poker players because they truly believe that the game is luck. They don’t know the difference between poker and blackjack. To some people, those two games are the same and it is all just luck. For these players, poker is just luck because that is how they play the game.

For the more serious poker players out there it is a completely different game. For those people you do not win money; you earn money. There is a substantial amount of money to be earned in poker, and only a small amount to be won. The luck players may win money, but the good ones earn it. The players that are skilled and work hard earn their money. For the ones that look at the game as luck, the money they win comes and it goes; it is certain that most if not all of it goes to the players that earn it.

Even good poker players get lucky sometimes. There is no doubt that there is a good amount of luck in poker. The difference is that the good poker players earn their luck and the money that comes along with it. When they do get lucky they put themselves in the position to make a lot of money. It is not enough to only get lucky; you must be able to do something with the luck you are given. Continue reading You didn’t Win Money You Earned Money »