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Titan Poker First Timers Get Royal Treatment

Titan Poker is rolling out the red carpet for its new members. No other poker platform values its new members more than Titan Poker does, and now the Titan Poker Welcome Package has been revamped to provide first timers with more awesome bonuses, lots of freeroll tokens, and better customer service.

Here’s a rundown of what you can expect as a new player at Titan Poker:

  • 200% up to $2,000 first deposit bonus
  • 10,000 Titan Treasure Gold Coins (to trade into valuable prizes)
  • Monthly cash payment of $1 for every 100 Titan Points earned
  • 4 entries to $2,500 New Depositors Freeroll tournaments
  • 1 entry to a $1,250 Depositors Freeroll tournament
  • Entries to the scheduled $25 Booster Freerolls
  • Participation in the weekly $750 Beginners Race
  • Free use of the Titan Mentor Calculator, a user-friendly poker odds calculator
  • Free use of the Titan Poker Guru, an interactive poker teaching tool
  • Access to a wealth of information in the Titan Poker Academy
  • Dedicated assistance from a professional support team

Some of the above benefits are only applicable to players who have made a first deposit. Titan Poker Bonus has a wide range of deposit options, including many popular online payment methods. Players can easily and safely fund their accounts and join the exciting poker action.

There’s plenty of help for new players, whether they’re learning how to play poker or need assistance in making a first deposit.

Titan Poker is really the best place to begin your online poker experience. Download the free Titan Poker software today!

New Player Promotions

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Huge first deposit bonus

All new players are entitled to the enormous signup bonus package offered by Titan Poker. Simply make a first deposit to get your 200% match bonus up to a maximum of $2,000. This bonus is automatically redeemed and increases your bankroll as you play cash games and tournaments at Titan Poker.

10,000 freeroll tokens

Upon your first deposit, you will also receive 4 tokens to the weekly $2,500 New Depositors Freerolls – giving you a chance to win your share of an amazing $10,000 during the first month of your Titan Poker membership.

Signup bonus terms and conditions

This offer is only valid to new players who are making their first ever deposit at Titan Poker.

The first deposit bonus is released to players as they earn Titan Poker Points at ring games and tournaments. At ring games, Points are awarded to players for each hand in which they contribute money to the pot, as long as the hand is raked. In tournament play, Points are awarded based on the fees paid by the player.

For every 250 Points earned, $5 of your bonus money will be credited to your account.

Players cannot earn Points in Play Money games.

Players who deposit in GBP or EUR will receive their bonuses according to the maximum USD amount, converted automatically into their own currencies.

Players will continue to accumulate Points as they play, and further releases of bonuses will be made automatically.

Players qualifying for this unique offer have 60 days to accumulate the necessary Points entitling them to their first deposit bonus.

5 Tips for the New Poker Player Part 2

by Liv Boeree

1. As a beginner, the most important thing is to start very small. Too many new players either start playing too high stakes or move up levels too quickly and as such find themselves losing their online money and constantly having to re-load. If you deposit $50, then play either free money or the microstakes ($0.01/$0.02) until you become comfortable with the rules, the Poker software and discover how to profit from the game.

2. Be patient! We all hear stories of players who deposited once and moved up to $1000/$2000 NLH in the space of three months. Most of those stories aren’t true or require exceptional circumstances. Give yourself plenty of time to become comfortable with the game, and only play with the spare time you have when you are relaxed and feeling good. Winning poker comes through practice and patience, but cannot be rushed so don’t force yourself to play too much.

3. Tighten up your starting hand selection. Many new players (myself included!) find themselves tempted to play too many hands pre-flop. Chances are, if you are playing the micro-stakes as you should be, the standard of your opponents will be very low and they will be playing too loose. The best way for you to combat this is to tighten up and only play the top 10-15% of starting hands. This way you are giving yourself the biggest advantage at the start of a situation where you are getting money into the pot.

4. Be observant. When learning the game you should devote all of your attention to the table you’re playing at. Look for who is playing loose, who is playing tight, who likes to bluff, who tends to fold too easily and so on. You’ll be surprised how much information you can get from your opponents in a relatively short amount of time online. If it helps, keep a note of each thing a player does at a table. Absolute Poker allows you to do this by right-clicking on the player and selecting “note”.

5. Study the game! If you are serious about becoming a winning poker player, you need to read as much as possible about game strategies. These will accelerate your learning process massively as they will suggest new ideas about the game that may not have occurred to you otherwise. In particular look for articles on understanding pot odds, starting hand selections and bankroll management. Many poker magazines offer these along with the better known poker books so they could be a good investment to a beginner.

5 Tips for the New Poker Player

By Poker Pro Matt Vengrin
1.    Play good starting hands. Only play hands like AA, KK, QQ, JJ, TT, 99, AK, Aqs until you get comfortable playing the rest. They are easier to play and don’t get you into as much trouble as the KJ, KQ etc.

2.    Play within your bankroll. Do not take shots, play in games you are comfortable playing in. I remember when I started I played 5-10 NL one time with only 2k in my account. I was super scared, won a pot and left but I easily could have lost. I definitely was not comfortable in that game. Even today I play 1-2 and 2-4 NL and PLO sometimes because I feel super comfortable in them.

Cash Games
I would suggest leaving yourself some outs as they say. If you lose a session you cannot go broke ideally. So with 50 dollars id probably leave myself with at least 20 buy ins to the game, so you could buy in for $2.50, but lets just say $2. So you could play 1-2 cent cash games. These have a buy in of 2 dollars, and you can move up if you win.
I normally suggest having 100 buyins for tournaments if you are playing professionally. If you are playing for fun, you could probably play 2-5 dollar tournaments. I remember when I started I had 55 bucks or so, played a 3 dollar buyin with 1700 ppl and won it for like 700 dollars, was a huge boost.

3.    Do not tilt. I cannot stress this enough, I believe mental stability is paramount while playing poker, especially no limit holdem. The ones with the clearest minds will definitely prevail over the long run. That’s what I accredit most of my success to.

4.    Learn all the games. I did this when I started out, if there were no good no limit games but a really good mixed game I would play the mixed game because I knew how. It gives you a chance to take a soft spot and exploit it, something most NL players are not capable of. I like HORSE and I think that’s a good place for people to start.

5.    How to spot a fish. Generally, while playing cash or tournaments people who limp generally are not too good. When I see a limper in my games, ill usually try to isolate him and play pots against him. For example, I was playing a 2500 satalite to the WPT championship a few days ago and there was one guy who had shown down 92s after he limped and hit a hand. He limped and I isolated 3 times in a row, the third time getting his stack.