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Online Poker Traffic Numbers Tighten Between Party, iPoker and FTP

PokerStars is the clear-cut #1 online poker room in the world, with average traffic numbers that dwarf their competitors so much that they are measured exponentially, with PokerStars having over seven-times the traffic as the current #2 online poker room, Party Poker. However, once you get passed PokerStars the competition gets extremely fierce, and according to PokerScout.com the next three rooms/networks are running neck-and-neck for the #2 spot behind PokerStars: Party Poker, iPoker, and Full Tilt Poker.

Prior to the relaunch of Full Tilt Poker in November of 2012 it appeared that Party Poker was distancing itself from iPoker, but with Full Tilt Poker back in the mix this trend was stopped dead in its tracks, and it seemed as though Full Tilt Poker would simply fall back into the #2 spot it held behind PokerStars prior to Black Friday. But Full Tilt’s traffic numbers have been increasingly inconsistent since its relaunch, and the migration of bwin players to Party Poker, as well as the iPoker Network adding a number of relevant skins like Everest Poker, Ladbrokes, and Dusk Till Dawn in recent months, has seen the race tighten between the three.

The battle has seen all three companies hold the #2 ranking at some point in the past year, and the latest traffic numbers show one of the tightest bunching of the three entities in months, with Party Poker’s seven-day rolling average at 3,300, iPoker’s at 3,200, and Full Tilt Poker’s at 3,050 (as of March 19, 2013).

Party Poker Traffic Trends

Party Poker’s traffic is up over the past six months according to PokerScout.com’s data, but recent changes to the site’s VIP Program and stakes offered, as well as the decision to segregate certain tables –cutting off winning players from sitting at these “beginner” tables—has sent traffic numbers down in the past month, after traffic had hit a recent high at nearly 4,000 players.

iPoker Traffic Trends

iPoker has been the most consistent of the three rooms, with a six-month traffic graph that any rakeback grinder would be proud of. Currently traffic is at a six-month high and the network continues to trend upward.

Full Tilt Poker Traffic Trends

Since relaunch Full Tilt Poker has seen traffic numbers as high as 8,000 players and as low as their current number of just over 3,000. My feeling is that this trend of peaks and valleys will continue as Full Tilt runs its seasonal poker tournament series the FTOPS (which just got underway) and occasional promotions that draw in players.

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Online Poker Gaining Traction in Massachusetts

As the state of Massachusetts (actually it’s a Commonwealth) inches closer to building three resort-style casinos within its borders lawmakers in the state haven’t started laying the groundwork for even more gaming expansion, as online poker has started to become a topic of conversation.

The original bill that allowed for the three resort-style casinos, along with a single slots parlor, also contained language regarding online poker, calling for an exploratory committee to be formed, and it now looks like proponents were not just talking the talk with online poker, and they are thinking that Massachusetts could join the ranks of states that have legalized online poker sooner rather than later.

According to a recent article in the Worcester Telegram and Gazette by John J. Monahan, lawmakers are ready to introduce a bill that would see online poker legalized in Massachusetts by the end of the year. The intra-state online poker would be run by the state Lottery Commission, and if they can somehow manage to keep to their timetable Massachusetts could be among the very first states with legalized online poker –something that was even considered a possibility as little as a month ago.

Massachusetts Treasurer Steve Grossman, a longtime proponent of expanded gambling in the state, saying, “The threat from the Internet is imminent. Doing nothing is not an option. We need to move forward and test appropriately.” Grossman now has an ally in State Senator Jennifer L. Flanagan (D-Leominster) who is introducing the bill.

The bill would allow adult residents of Massachusetts to participate in some form of online poker, with testing hopefully taking place by the end of the year. Providers and software have not been discussed, but Grossman does want all of the state’s 7,400 current lottery providers to share in the action, and the bill calls for prospective players to purchase credits at licensed lottery retailers, where they could use their credit cards. Grossman believes this pre-pay system would allow lottery providers to continue to reap the 5% commission on sales, although just how the 1% commission retailers currently receive on winnings would be tracked is still unknown.

Flanagan was one of the sponsors of the Casino Bill that passed last year, and sees the potential for increased revenue as something that is simply too good to pass up. Flanagan was quoted by the Worcester Telegram and Gazette as saying, “This isn’t a debate over whether you like gaming or not, this is a debate over the fact that we have to move to online gaming, [to protect state revenues]”

Should the bill pass Massachusetts would join Nevada (who is expecting to launch real-money online poker in mere weeks) and Delaware as the only other states in the union to pass online gaming legislation.

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Five Measures to Hasten Online Poker Legalization (Part 1)

As online poker legalization is starting to progress at the state level the process is still moving along at a slow, prodding, pace. In my view the poker world is ignoring a number of factors that could silence some of the critics, as well as offer casual poker players more protection at online poker tables. Below you will find the first two of the five measures I have chosen that will strengthen the case for online poker and hasten potential legislation.

Rake and Tax Counter

Abstract numbers drive me absolutely crazy, and there is nothing worse than the way politicians calculate everything in 10 year burst. So when people say, “online poker could raise $21 billion in revenue over a ten year period” people have pretty much tuned out by the time the person gets to “could raise”.

Instead I’d like to see some monthly earning reports showing people precisely what kind of revenue online poker would produce, and in places where online poker is legalized I’d like to see a rake counter/tax counter right at the top of the site, just like these sites show number of players online.

Imagine logging into an online poker site and seeing a running total of not only the amount of rake the site is pulling-in, but also the amount of that rake that will be going directly into state or federal coffers. Initially this feature would likely anger the players at the site (as they see how much rake is leaving the game) but in the end it’s nice to be able to quantify all of these large, abstract, numbers. It would also give us an argument for the fiscal hawks that are against online poker, as we can point to solid, set-in-stone, numbers.

Laws against Online Poker Cheaters

How nice would it be if poker players had some type of recourse against cheaters and scammers? Imagine being able to file civil or criminal charges instead of having to take your case to the 2+2 poker forum. This is one area where I have seen zero conversation and I am left scratching my head as to why this hasn’t been addressed publicly.

According to a conversation I had with the PPA’s Rich Muny, virtually all legislation contains language regarding cheating, both at a player and a provider level, but what needs to be done is educate the poker community that they will now have recourse if they are cheated. This has always been one of the main reasons people refuse to play online poker; the fear of being cheated, and having no recourse if they are. Download the latest Titan Poker software here.


IveyPoker.com Adds Mike “GoLeafsGoeh” Leah to Roster

The roster at IveyPoker.com has been one of the fastest growing things in poker, and the site has still yet to launch! The latest signing for Team Ivey is Canadian online poker legend, Mike Leah, better known by his online poker handle of “GoLeafsGoEh”. Leah tweeted about his new project, saying, “@philivey @JBrikis Thrilled to be part of such an awesome team! Can’t wait for 2013; happy holidays everyone :) #TeamIvey”

IveyPoker.com is going to be a social media gaming site when it officially launches in early 2013, and Ivey and his sponsored players have been implying that the site will also be dabbling in poker training as well.

The Ivey Poker roster now looks like this:

  • Phil Ivey – USA
  • Patrik Antonius – Finland
  • Jennifer Harman – USA
  • Greg Merson – USA
  • Cole South – USA
  • James Dempsey – UK
  • Josh Brikis – USA
  • Jonathan Tamayo – USA
  • Gillian Epp – Canada
  • Matt Giannetti – USA
  • John Eames – UK
  • David Peters – USA
  • Balazs Botond – Hungary
  • Mike Leah – Canada


Here is a look at the press release sent out by IveyPoker.com as they build-up to their official launch date:


Las Vegas, Nevada – (DECEMBER 13, 2012) – Phil Ivey officially announced today the development and upcoming launch of IveyPoker, a new free-to-play online social game designed to entertain and teach the world winning poker. Set for release in early 2013, IveyPoker will be available on Facebook, iOS and Andriod.

IveyPoker is the first social game that gives poker fans an opportunity to play for fun with top professionals while learning how to play winning poker. The game will feature exclusive training video content that will resonate with both novice and experienced players.

Phil Ivey, winner of eight World Series of Poker bracelets and considered by many to be the greatest all around poker player in the world, has built a roster of the world’s top poker professionals to be part of Team Ivey and have an active role in the game. Team Ivey members include Patrik Antonius, Greg Merson, Jennifer Harman, Cole South, James Dempsey, Matt Giannetti, Balazs Botond, Gillian Epp, David Peters, Josh Brikis, John Eams and Jonathan Tamayo.

I’ve traveled the world playing poker and people always tell me how they would like to learn how to play but have no idea how or where to begin,” said IveyPoker Founder, Phil Ivey. “IveyPoker was created to give anyone interested in poker, whether they have ever played the game before or not, the opportunity to play for free and learn winning poker from some of the best professionals in the world.”

About IveyPoker

Founded by Phil Ivey, widely considered the best poker player in the world, IveyPoker is developing a suite of poker products and services that both entertain and educate poker players of all levels across the globe. The IveyPoker app is a free-to-play online social poker game that features educational video content from the world’s best poker professionals. Players can compete against and learn from Phil Ivey, Patrik Antonius, Greg Merson, Jennifer Harman, Cole South and many other top players. With IveyPoker, players learn how to win from the best, and have fun doing it.

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A Look at Full Tilt Poker’s FTOPS XXI Big Winners

The first Full Tilt Online Poker Series (FTOPS) since Black Friday is now in the books and the tournament series came back in a big way, with millions of dollars in prizes awarded, big name poker pros in the winner’s circle, and solid attendance numbers throughout the two-week tournament series. Here is a look at the highlights from the 35-event series that concluded this past Sunday.

  • Event #1 saw the second largest field of the series when 5,482 players registered for the $200 NLHE reentry tournament. The winner of the first FTOPS event since early 2011 was “doneNdusted84” who pocketed over $187k for the victory.
  • Event #17 saw 6,106 players register, the largest field of the series, and the first $100,000 first-place prize awarded since Event #1, to “DrewAce34” who bested Keven “Stamdogg” Stammen heads-up for the title.
  • Event #18 saw the first big name player capture an FTOPS XXI win, as Dani “Ansky451” Stern won the $300 NLHE Multi-entry tournament and walked away with $193,528.50.
  • Event #19 saw another well-known pro in the winner’s circle, Bill Gazes, who captured the $240 PLO8 Knockout title, worth nearly $20,000.
  • Event #20 was the third in a row that went to big named poker pros, as Tayloe “Ambiguosity” Paur bested a field of 387 players in the $1,000 buy-in NLHE tournament, adding close to $75,000 to his poker bankroll.
  • Event #28 saw Canadian poker pro Mike “goleafsgoeh” Leah pickup nearly $20,000 for his win over a field of 245 players in the $300 Razz tournament.
  • Event #31 was a two-day High-Roller tournament with a buy-in of $2,000. When all was said and done a total of 699 players had registered for the multi-entry tournament, creating a massive prize-pool of just under $1.4 million. The winner of the event was “A__theKevlar__2” who picked-up a quarter of a million dollars for the victory.
  • In Event #33 Kevin “-1sickdisease-” Eyster won his second tournament of the series (he also triumphed in Event #25, a $300 PLO tournament) by winning the $100 NLHE RUSH tournament. Eyster’s win put his series earnings past the $100k mark.
  • Event #34, a $240 6-Max Knockout tournament saw a massive filed of over 4,000 players, and in the end it was “ronnyr37617” who captured the first-place prize of $142,609.60.
  • Event #35, the Main Event, was a $600 buy-in NLHE event that attracted a field of 4,766 players, creating a prize-pool of nearly $3 million. The first-place prize of $453,229.40 went to “yadio1111”, who bested a final table that included Sorel “Imper1um” Mizzi and “Zugwat” on his way to victory.

Here is a look at the Top 10 players on the FTOPS XXI leader-board from the Full Tilt Poker website, which was won by “CallyouDown”:

Rank Player Chips
1 callyoudownn 739
2 DoktorGre 593
3 -1SickDisease- 568
4 OneUponAStar 553
5 GoLeafsGoEh 517
6 Gennadiy As 506
7 lemberg1715 505
8 p00cket00 485
9 IceView_ 454
10 IkillU2012 447

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Win an iPOPS Seat for as Low as 10 Cents

The $1 Million iPOPS III tournament will kick off on November 25, and many players have already secured their seats at the five separate events. More than 400 tokens are still up for grabs, and you could win one of them through several low-priced Titan Poker satellites that will be staged in the coming weeks.

The popular iPoker Online Poker Series (iPOPS) returns to Titan Poker’s tournament schedule this fall with five tournaments culminating in a $550,000 main event.

The first iPOPS III event will take place on November 25. This $200,000 GP Freezeout has a buy-in of $125+$10.

The second iPOPS III tournament will be held on November 26. Buy-in to this $100,000 High Roller Freezeout is $350+$20.

The third iPOPS III event is set for November 28. This $50,000 GP R/A has a very affordable buy-in at $40+$4.

The fourth iPOPS III tourney will run on November 30. This $100,000 DeepStack is a 2nd Chance event with $100+$9 buy-in.

The main iPOPS III event scheduled for December 2 is a $550,000 GP Freezeout with $200+$15 buy-in.

There are three very affordable ways to reserve seats at the iPOPS tournaments.

Satellite Your Way

Sit ‘n’ Go and scheduled tournament satellites are running around the clock for each of the five iPOPS events. Buy-ins for stage 3 qualifiers are available for as low as $0.06 + $0.01. Play your way up through three stages of satellites into an iPOPS tournament for less than 10 cents.

Play a Mega Satellite

Five iPOPS mega satellites will be staged over the next few days awarding over 400 seats to the big iPOPS tournaments. The first of these qualifiers will be staged on Thanksgiving night. Play the iPOPS #5 $550,000 GP Mega Satellite at 19:30 on November 22 and December 1 for a very low buy-in and you can win one of 200 guaranteed seats at the $550,000 iPOPS main event.

Win Seats in the MTT Challenge

The Titan Poker MTT Challenge runs from November 2-24, awarding $25,000 in entries to iPOPS tournaments. The MTT Challenge is a unique leaderboard race where players are ranked based on their best multi-table tournament results. It’s not yet too late to join the race and win a share of the prizes. To participate, simply opt-in to the MTT Challenge and play as many multi-table tournaments as possible.

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Hot Poker Action and Huge Prizes on Titan Poker Super Tuesdays

The most exciting Titan Poker action in the middle of the week takes place on Super Tuesdays. The $40,000 GP R/A is staged every Tuesday at 20:45 GMT+1 with $100+$9 buy-in. Late registration is available through Level 4 with re-buys allowed until the first break.

Last October 9, the Super Tuesday event attracted 177 starters and ran for around eight hours. The four players who remained on the final table were all from Titan Poker.

Finnish player “WhyRiverOhWhy” had a slight advantage in chips, with “gsensation” from Portugal not far behind. Ten hands later, “touchmynuts1″ from Ukraine had gained the lead, and he pushed all-in with a pair of sixes. “RRAMMSTEINN” from Belarus called and was the favorite in the hand with a pair of kings. When a six appeared on the flop, the player from Belarus was eliminated in 4th place.

After extended three-way play, “gsensation” raised with 5d 6d. “WhyRiverOhWhy” re-raised with A♦ 3♦ and “gsensation” called. The flop was decisive, as it fell 4♥ 2♠ 3♦. “WhyRiverOhWhy” led out with a bet, only to be raised by “gsensation”. With his straight draw, the player from Finland responded by going all-in, not knowing that the Portuguese already had his own straight. The turn and river didn’t change a thing and “WhyRiverOhWhy” busted in 3rd place.

On the final hand of the tournament, “gsensation” raised all-in when he paired up nines on the flop. Ukrainian “touchmynuts1″ held Q♥ A♥, and there were two more hearts on the table. All “touchmynuts1″ needed to win was another heart, or a queen, or an ace, so he called. The turn was K♦ and the river was 3♦. “touchmynuts1″ ended up in second place and the first prize of $10,921 went to the player from Portugal.

“touchmynuts1″ brough home $7,664 for his runner-up finish, “WhyRiverOhWhy” earned $5,748 for placing third, and “RRAMMSTEINN” received $4,287 for finishing fourth.

PokerStars Announces All Star Showdown

Now that Viktor “Isildur1” Blom has taken his talents to Full Tilt Poker, and with him the Superstar Showdown heads-up matches that he participated in during his time at PokerStars, the site has decided to launch a similar, but slightly different marketing campaign, dubbed The PokerStars All Star Showdown.

The announcement came this past week that PokerStars would be hosting “The First Annual All Star Showdown” beginning on October 27th, 2012 and running through November 4th, 2012. The match coincides with the signing of Isaac Haxton to PokerStars Team Online, as Haxton’s fame grew during his challenge matches against Viktor Blom at PokerStars, including a $1,000,000 freeze-out that the two took part in.

I’m excited to start my tenure with Team PokerStars with the chance to win a big title and a lot of money in my favorite form of poker,” Haxton said. “There are no titles or champions in heads-up cash games, just winners and losers. This tournament will change that by crowning the first All-Star Showdown champion.”

In addition to Haxton the lineup for the All Star Showdown will also include:

  • Phil “mrSweets28” Galfond
  • Benjamin “Sauce123” Sulsky
  • Alexander “Kanu7” Millar
  • Alexander “Sussie Smith” Roumeliotis
  • Tobias “KTPOKP” Kuder
  • Ben ‘ben86′ Tollerene
  • Dan ‘w00ki3z.’ Cates

Unlike the aforementioned Superstar Showdowns, the All Star Showdown will feature eight players, each putting $100,000 on the line in a series of heads-up matches spread across four online poker tables. The matches will be played simultaneously, and the winner will advance to the next round –matches will be called when a player has busted at all four tables. The matches will begin with each player’s $100,000 buy-in spread evenly across the four tables, with blinds beginning at $50/$100 and doubling every 3,000 hands.

The matchups were randomly selected for the opening round. Here is a look at the schedule of matches:

27 October: Tobias ‘KTPOKP’ Kuder vs Benjamin ‘Sauce123′ Sulsky
28 October: Alex ‘Kanu7′ Millar vs Isaac ‘IkeHaxton’ Haxton
30 October: Alexander ‘Sussie Smith’ Roumeliotis vs Dan ‘w00ki3z.’ Cates
31 October: Phil ‘mrsweets28′ Galfond vs Ben ‘ben86′ Tollerene

2 November: Semi-final 1 (Saturday v Sunday)
3 November: Semi-final 2 (Tuesday v Wednesday)

4 November: The All Star Showdown final

All matches start at 18:00 CET.

For more information you can head over to the All Star Showdown page at PokerStars: http://www.pokerstars.com/poker/promotions/all-star-showdown/

Online Poker Industry Shakeup Continues

Since Black Friday the online poker industry has been in a state of turmoil, with online poker providers changing domain names, pulling out of different markets around the globe, as well as numerous network changes and sites shuttering their doors. The good news is that these changes have somewhat consolidated the industry as a whole, leaving the best operators, like PokerStars, Party Poker, and the iPoker Network at the top of the industry, while “flybynightpoker.com” and their ilk have been forced to withdraw from the industry.

A Player who has been sleeping since early 2011 would find the current online poker world a far different place than the one they remember, with Full Tilt Poker, now owned by PokerStars, preparing for a relaunch after a year of being offline; UB and Absolute Poker sent to the scrapheap of history (where they belong); Party Poker and bwin partnered; a pair of new sites called Bovada and Americas Cardroom now serving the US market; The rebranding of the Cake Poker Network to the Revolution Gaming Network by Lock Poker. Those are just some of the major stories! Then there is the IGT Network closing down, OnGame sold, a dozen poker rooms shutdown, Bodog pulling out of the European market, the list just goes on and on.

It would appear that these changes are going to continue for the time being. What we are experiencing is the byproduct of legislation and regulation around the globe, which has been a double-edged sword of sorts for players. We knew the unregulated market wasn’t going to be sustainable, but most players were likely surprised by the fracturing of the industry that occurred as country after country in the EU legalized online poker, culminating with the US Department of Justice kneecapping what was left of the unregulated poker industry on April 15, 2011.

Now the question is, where does online poker go from here? To answer the question I would turn to PokerStars, which despite its US troubles is still firmly positioned atop the industry. PokerStars has essentially gone along with the balkanization in Europe and around the world, seeking to be licensed wherever online poker is allowed, even if it means splitting its player base.

Now the US is beginning the process of online poker legislation, starting with Nevada, and it appears that legislative efforts will continue at the state level, and not at the federal level. This is going to cause further splintering in the online poker world, and will likely lead to the industry going through an even more tumultuous period than we are currently experiencing, as larger rooms can handle the cost and logistics of obtaining multiple licenses around the world, while smaller sites are forced to consolidate or close up shop.

How this will eventually play out is anyone’s guess at this point, but one thing is for certain: Owning and operating an online poker site is no longer a license to print money.

Enough problems, just continue play online poker at Titan Poker!

Titan Poker Software Updates

Titan Poker is constantly improving its gaming software in order to provide players with a much better online poker experience. Based on player feedback, upgrades and new features are added by Titan developers to the Titan Poker engine to create the best possible poker environment. This year, a plethora of enhancements were made on the free Titan Poker software.

Multi-Table Settings

Several new features were added to the Titan Poker software in order to improve multi-table play.

Players now have the option to keep a table that requires action on top of other tables and/or other computer applications.

A check box has been provided for players who want to wait for the big blind. Tick this box, and the software will alert you when it is your turn to enter the game.

Players also have the option to choose to sit out next big blind, sit out or sit back in on all cash tables, sit out or sit back in on all tournaments, set focus on bet amount, and keep focus on chat and notes.

Timeout Alerts

Players can choose whether they want to have sound/table frame color alerts when they are almost out of time to act.

Tokens Notification

A small token icon is placed next to tournaments that allow players to register by using a token. The icon is displayed only to players who have enough tokens available in their account.

One Step Registration in Tournaments

When registering to real money tournaments that have only one buy-in method, players are registered in one step. If more than one method is available, players can choose the buy-in method they want to use.

New Lobby Settings Menu

The Titan Poker Lobby Options menu is replaced with a Settings pop-up window. From the Settings window players can switch between the settings groups, set one or more options and apply all of them with one click of the Apply button.

Improved Filters

Many new options have been added to the filters this year. The most noticeable is the option to save different filters. New filters are available for Ring Games, Tournaments and Sit ‘N’ Go.

Speed Hold’em for Cash Tables

Speed Hold’em Poker is now available at select Texas Hold’em cash games. The action is fast-paced at all times by significantly reducing the wait time between hands.

In Speed Hold’em Poker, you join a large pool of players and face different opponents at every hand. You can fold your hand at any time by clicking a Speed Fold button. After folding you are immediately taken to a different table where you are dealt a new hand.

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