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Win the Prize Pool in Sit ‘Win’ Go Races

You can now earn more leaderboard points as you get higher position in the Sit ‘Win’ Go. If you love to play poker, Titan Poker continues to give out cash prizes that are up for grabs. You can now show your skills with the exciting game featured in the site. With you determination, you can win in the races intended for players. And what is more surprising in the game is the fact that you can accumulate leaderboard points and have the total prize money which is $16,000.

The players who will participate in the tournament have to opt-in for the month of February. Even if you have already opt-in last months of January and December, you will still need to do again for this month. As for the leaderboards, it will be split up into four competitive groups and it would have prize pool in each week for $4,000. If you will join in the Low Leaderboard, the prize pool will be about $500. For the medium leadearboard, you have about $10 – $20 Buy-ins and the prize pool of $1,000. There are also high leaderboard and double up leaderboard that you can choose for.

If you wanted to see the leardboard results of the previous game, it is also displayed in the main site of Titan Poker. Then, as part of the terms and condition of the game, the points will be updated automatically in every 30 minutes that will pass. The race will begin at 00:00 and end at 23:59 GMT.

Titan Poker Receives the Best Poker Customer Service Award

Titan Poker has lived its name as one of the top online poker sites for players.  Recently, they again gained the favor of the online poker community world after being awarded with the Best Poker Customer Service Award.  This award was brought about by people who are reading the Gambling Online Magazine.

This is not the first time Titan Poker won this award as they also received this for three consecutive years in 2006, 2007, and 2008.

The award was determined by readers by voting on their favorite hosts of different categories.  By being chosen by readers, it’s possible to say that they’re really able to provide the best service people are looking for when it comes to getting the best poker game while providing the best customer service.  Getting the best customer service is something difficult to obtain these days.

According to Titan Poker Tournaments, they’re looking forward for this year and promise to continue doing their best in terms of keeping up this current status and recognition.  They will not only maintain but are also determined to improve their services for the best and give more benefits to their clients who visit the site on a daily basis to play poker.