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PokerStars EPT London Tournament Series Preview

One of the biggest tournament series of the entire year is nearly upon us, as the PokerStars European Poker Tour (EPT) prepares to roll into the city of London from October 2nd through the 12th. This is the second stop of the EPT’s historic Season 10 and if the turnout in Barcelona is any indication, the EPT London could be one for the record books.

The EPT London Main Event will run from October 6th through the 11th and will feature a £5,000 buy-in. When it comes to online sportsbook bonuses Titan Bet Bonus Codes comes second to none!

Throughout its history the EPT London has been a record-setter, eclipsing the UK attendance record in 2009, and besting that record the following year. Here is a look at the Main Event attendance for the EPT London over the years:

  • Season 1: 175 entries
  • Season 2: 242 entries
  • Season 3: 398 entries
  • Season 4: 392 entries
  • Season 5: 596 entries
  • Season 6: 730 entries
  • Season 7: 848 entries
  • Season 8: 691 entries
  • Season 9: 647 entries
  • Season 10: ???

For more information on the EPT London series you can visit the PokerStars EPT website at http://www.europeanpokertour.com/tournaments/london/

Here is a look at the full schedule of 32 tournaments that will take place over the 11-day tournament series:

October 2 – Wednesday
12:00 1* UKIPT Main Event – Day 1A £1,000 + £100
21:00 2* NL – UKIPT Turbo – Win the Button! £100 + £10
October 3 – Thursday
12:00 1* UKIPT Main Event – Day 1B £1,000 + £100
21:00 3* NL – UKIPT NL – Turbo £200 + £20
October 4 – Friday
12:00 1* UKIPT Main Event – Day 2 CLOSED
12:00 4 EPT10 Super High Roller – Unlimited Re-Entry – “8 Handed” – Day 1 – TV £48,500 + £1,500
17:00 5* NL – UKIPT London Cup Unlimited Re-Entry  – Day 1 £300 + £30
21:30 6 NL – Super Satellite to EPT Main Event £500 + £50
October 5 – Saturday
12:00 1* UKIPT Main Event – Day 3 CLOSED
12:00 4 EPT10 Super High Roller – Unlimited Re-Entry – “8 Handed” – Day 2 – TV £48,500 + £1,500
12:00 7* NL – UKIPT High Roller – Day 1 £2,000 + £200
13:00 8 NL – Holdem – EPT Women’s Event £300 + £30
14:00 5* NL – UKIPT London Cup Unlimited Re-Entry  – Day 2 CLOSED
18:00 9* PLO – UKIPT Double Chance £250 + £25
21:00 10 NL – Turbo £1,000 + £100
October 6 – Sunday
12:00 11 EPT Main Event – Day 1A £5,000 + £250
12:30 1* UKIPT Main Event – Final Table CLOSED
12:30 7* NL – UKIPT High Roller – Final Day CLOSED
13:00 12 Chinese – Open Face – Unlimited Re-Entry – 30 Minute Levels £2,000 + £200
13:00 4 EPT10 Super High Roller – Unlimited Re-Entry – “8 Handed” – Final Table – TV CLOSED
13:00 9* PLO – UKIPT Double Chance – Final Day CLOSED
16:00 13 NL – Omaha High/Low – Turbo Deepstack £300 + £30
18:00 14 NL – Super Satellite to EPT Main Event £1,000 + £75
21:00 15 NL – Last Chance Turbo Super Satellite to EPT Main Event Day 1B £1,000 + £50
October 7 – Monday
12:00 11 EPT Main Event – Day 1B £5,000 + £250
20:00 16 NL – Turbo – “8 Handed” £2,000 + £150
October 8 – Tuesday
12:00 11 EPT Main Event – Day 2 CLOSED
16:00 17 NL – Holdem – Day 1 £2,000 + £200
19:00 18 PLO £500 + £50
21:15 19 NL – Turbo – Win the Button! £300 + £30
October 9 – Wednesday
12:00 11 EPT Main Event – Day 3 CLOSED
12:00 17 NL – Holdem – Final Day CLOSED
13:00 20 NL – Heads Up – 32 Cap – Day 1 £1,000 + £100
15:00 21 NL – Holdem – Single Re-Entry Per Day – Day 1A £1,000 + £100
18:00 22 PLO – 8 Handed £1,000 + £100
21:15 23 NL – Turbo £1,000 + £100
October 10 – Thursday
12:00 11 EPT Main Event – Day 4 CLOSED
12:00 20 NL – Heads Up – 32 Cap – Final Day CLOSED
12:00 24 NL – Holdem – High Roller – Single Re-Entry – “8 Handed” – Day 1 £10,000 + £300
12:30 21 NL – Holdem – Single Re-Entry Per Day – Day 1B £1,000 + £100
13:00 22 PLO – 8 Handed – Day 2 CLOSED
18:00 25 PL – Omaha 8 / Stud 8 £500 + £50
20:00 26 NL – Turbo £1,000 + £100
21:15 27 NL – Turbo £300 + £30
October 11 – Friday
12:00 11 EPT Main Event – Day 5 CLOSED
12:00 21 NL – Holdem – Single Re-Entry – Final Day CLOSED
12:00 24 NL – Holdem – High Roller – Single Re-Entry – “8 handed” – Day 2 £10,000 + £300
12:00 28 NL – Holdem – Deepstack £500 + £50
13:00 29 PLO – Heads Up – 32 Cap – Day 1 £1,000 + £100
17:00 30 8 Game – Day 1 £500 + £50
18:00 31 NL – Holdem – 30 Minute Levels – 8 Handed £1,000 + £100
20:00 32 NL – Prince George Megastack – Day 1 £200 + £20
October 12 – Saturday
12:00 24 NL – Holdem – High Roller – Single Re-Entry – “8 handed” – Final Day CLOSED
12:00 29 PLO – Heads Up – 32 Cap – Final Day CLOSED
12:00 30 8 Game – Day 2 CLOSED
12:00 31 NL – Holdem – 30 Minute Levels – 8 Handed – Day 2 CLOSED
12:00 32 Prince George Megastack – Day 2 CLOSED
12:00 33 NL – Turbo – “6 Handed” £5,000 + £200
13:00 11 EPT Main Event Day 6 – Final Table CLOSED
13:00 34 NL – Deepstack Turbo – £30K GTD – 30K Stack / 15 Min levels £300 + £30
16:00 35 NL – Turbo – “6 Handed” £2,000 + £150
17:00 36 NL – Hyper Turbo – £10K GTD – 10K Stack / 10 Min levels £100 + £10


PokerStars Software Upgrade Rolls Out This Week

After sending out applications for Alpha-testers for their new software product a couple of weeks ago it appears PokerStars is ready to unveil the first part of their upgraded PokerStars 7 client to a wider audience this week. According to a post on the 2+2 poker forum, PokerStars customers can expect to see a number of minor upgrades, while PokerStars 7 will offer even more upgrades and will deal with one of the most annoying problems in poker: Ratholing.

Before I get into the ratholing and the Alpha 7 part of the software update let’s first take a look at the upgrades that will be part of this week’s software update from the 2+2 post:

Upgrades and Bug Fixes

  • Mac Cocoa API
  • Extra Bet Slider Button
  • We believe we’ve identified and fixed a rare occurrence that sometimes prevented starting SNGs from opening when multi-tabling.
  • Tournaments will now correctly auto-close a table that breaks when the player busts.
  • Changed the ante sound triggers in the beta sound set. This sound will now play less often. We look to enable the new sounds by default in early October, while keeping the option to use the old ones.
  • BOOM! hand replays can now be watched using mobile devices, via boomplayer.com
  • Few more fixes and improvements.

While there is nothing spectacular or revolutionary in this week’s update, it will fix a number of bugs in the software, and should act as a harbinger for PokerStars 7, which will be a more comprehensive, and from the looks of it, far more innovative upgrade to the poker client.

PokerStars 7 Alpha

PokerStars 7 will apparently feature, among other things, the following enhancements:

  • Quick Seat lobby
  • Favorites
  • New Main Lobby filters
  • The new App Bar

Once the Alpha testers are finished with their trial run, and PokerStars can work out any bugs or implement any suggestions they received, a beta-testing phase is expected to take place.

Another key aspect of PokerStars 7 will be the attempted elimination of “Ratholing” at the PokerStars tables. Ratholing is when a player (usually a short-stacker) wins a few pots and then leaves the game, joining another table and begins the process all over again.

According to the post on 2+2:

We are in the final stages of testing the new ratholing restrictions that were agreed upon during player meetings. If we do not find any problems they will be enabled this month.

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PokerStars Unveils Preliminary Schedule for the 2013 WCOOP

On the same day that Full Tilt Poker offered up their schedule for the FTOPS XXIII series, their sister-site, PokerStars, released preliminary details on the 2013 World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP) which will be a 65 event tournament series beginning on September 8, 2013 and running for three full weeks.

No guarantees were given except to say that the winner of the Main Event on September 29 will win at least $1.5 million, and as Rick Dacey stated on the PokerStars blog:

“Now, this schedule is not set in stone and the guys sat hammering away in the poker room boiler room are asking for feedback. You can send that to them direct by emailing wcoop@pokerstars.com.”

Unveiling a tentative schedule, and letting their players’ feedback decide where a tweak may need to be made, or what type of tournament should be added, has been PokerStars MO over the past couple of years, and the poker community has praised for the site for listening to and acting upon their suggestions.

Here is a glimpse at the preliminary 2013 WCOOP Schedule revealed by PokerStars on Monday:

Sunday 8 Sep
Event 01 – 11:00 ET: $215 NL Hold’em [6-Max] (2-Day Event)
Event 02 – Sun, 08 Sep, 14:30 ET: $215 NL Hold’em (2-Day Event)

Monday 9 September
Event 03 – 11:00 ET: $320 PL Omaha
Event 04 – 14:00 ET: $320 NL Hold’em [6-Max, Shootout, No Late Reg] Event 05 – 17:00 ET: $215 NL Hold’em [Rebuys, Turbo]

Tuesday 10 September
Event 06 – 11:00 ET: $215 NL Draw
Event 07 – 14:00 ET: $215 PL Courchevel Hi/Lo [Re-Entry] Event 08 – 17:00 ET: $1,050 NL Hold’em (Super Tuesday Replacement) (2-Day Event)

Wednesday 11 September
Event 09 – 06:00 ET: $215 PL Omaha (Knockout)
Event 10 – 11:00 ET: $320 NL Hold’em [Ante Up] (2-Day Event)
Event 11 – 14:00 ET: $215 NL Hold’em [Heads-Up, No Late Reg] (2-Day Event)

Thursday 12 September
Event 12 – 06:00 ET: $215 PL 5-Card Omaha H/L [6-Max, 2R1A] Event 13 – 11:00 ET: $530 NL Hold’em [6-Max, Knockout] (2-Day Event)
Event 14 – 14:00 ET: $215 7-Card Stud H/L

Friday 13 September
Event 15 – 11:00 ET: $215 PL Omaha [6-Max] Event 16 – 14:00 ET: $215 NL Single Draw 2-7
Event 17 – 17:00 ET: $320 NL Hold’em [Turbo, Zoom]

Saturday 14 September
Event 18 – 11:00 ET: $109 NL Hold’em
Event 19 – 13:00 ET: $320 NL Hold’em [Super-Knockout] Event 20 – 15:00 ET: $215 FL Hold’em

Sunday 15 September
Event 21 – 11:00 ET: $215 NL Hold’em (2-Day Event)
Event 22 – 12:30 ET: $25,500 NL Hold’em [High-Roller] (2-Day Event)
Event 23 – 14:30 ET: $700 NL Hold’em (2-Day Event)

Monday 16 September
Event 24 – 11:00 ET: $215 NL Hold’em [4-Max] Event 25 – 14:00 ET: $320 7-Card Stud
Event 26 – 17:00 ET: $215 PL Omaha [Turbo, 1R1A]

Tuesday 17 September
Event 27 – 11:00 ET: $320 Mixed Hold’em
Event 28 – 14:00 ET: $320 PL Badugi
Event 29 – 17:00 ET: $1,050 NL Hold’em (Super Tuesday Replacement) (2-Day Event)

Wednesday 18 September
Event 30 – 06:00 ET: $215 NL Hold’em [Progressive KO] Event 31 – 11:00 ET: $530 NL Hold’em [10-Max, Triple Shootout, No Late Reg] (2-Day Event)
Event 32 – 14:00 ET: $320 8-Game

Thursday 19 September
Event 33 – 06:00 ET: $320 NL Hold’em [6-Max] (2-Day Event)
Event 34 – 11:00 ET: $320 PL 5-Card Omaha [6-Max, 1R1A] Event 35 – 14:00 ET: $320 Triple Draw 2-7

Friday 20 September
Event 36 – 11:00 ET: $215 NL Hold’em (Rebuys)
Event 37 – 14:00 ET: $530 FL Omaha H/L
Event 38 – 17:00 ET: $215 PNL Hold’em

Saturday 21 September
Event 39 – 11:00 ET: $700 NL Hold’em [Heads-Up, No Late Reg] (2-Day Event)
Event 40 – 13:00 ET: $320 NL Hold’em [Super-Knockout] (2-Day Event)
Event 41 – 15:00 ET: $320 HORSE

Sunday 22 September
Event 42 – 11:00 ET: $215 NL Hold’em (2-Day Event)
Event 43 – 12:30 ET: $15,400 NL Hold’em [High-Roller Heads-Up, No Late Reg] Event 44 – 14:30 ET: $2,100 NL Hold’em (2-Day Event)

Monday 23 September
Event 45 – 11:00 ET: $320 PL Omaha [Rebuys, 6-Max] Event 46 – 14:00 ET: $320 NL Hold’em [Re-Entry] (2-Day Event)
Event 47 – 17:00 ET: $215 NL Hold’em [Turbo, Knockout]

Tuesday 24 September
Event 48 – 11:00 ET: $320 Mixed NL Hold’em/PL Omaha
Event 49 – 14:00 ET: $530 Razz
Event 50 – 17:00 ET: $1,050 NL Hold’em (Super Tuesday Replacement) (2-Day Event)

Wedmesday 25 September
Event 51 – 06:00 ET: $215 NL Hold’em (1R1A)
Event 52 – 11:00 ET: $215 NL Hold’em [Re-Entry, Big Antes] (2-Day Event)
Event 53 – 14:00 ET: $320 PL Omaha H/L

Thursday 26 September
Event 54 – 06:00 ET: $320 NL Hold’em
Event 55 – 11:00 ET: $530 NL Hold’em (Rebuys)
Event 56 – 14:00 ET: $2,100 PL Omaha [6-Max]

Friday 27 September
Event 57 – 11:00 ET: $530 NL Hold’em (1R1A)
Event 58 – 14:00 ET: $1,050 FL Hold’em [6-Max] Event 59 – 17:00 ET: $215 NL Omaha H/L

Saturday 28 September
Event 60 – 11:00 ET: $700 PL Omaha [Heads Up, No Late Reg] (2-Day Event)
Event 61 – 13:00 ET: $320 NL Hold’em [Super-Knockout] (2-Day Event)
Event 62 – 15:00 ET: $2,100 HORSE

Sunday 29 September
Event 63 – 11:00 ET: $215 NL Hold’em [8-Max] (2-Day Event)
Event 64 – 12:30 ET: $5,200 8-Game
Event 65 – 14:30 ET: $10,300 NL Hold’em Main Event [$1.5M Gtd to 1st] (2-Day Event)

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brePokerStars Chairman Mark Scheinberg settles with the DOJ

Mark Scheinberg, the son of PokerStars founder Isai Scheinberg and the company’s acting Chairman of the Board came to an agreement this week on a $50 million settlement with the US Department of Justice. The settlement clears Scheinberg of any wrongdoing stemming from PokerStars online poker activities and allows PokerStars to recoup any frozen assets currently being held by the DOJ –which is the first we’ve heard of this.

Scheinberg’s settlement is worded very similarly to the other Black Friday settlements of Howard Lederer, Rafe Furst, Chris Ferguson, and PokerStars itself, in that Scheinberg admits no wrongdoing and seems to have been a preemptive move, as you’ll see below. It was also noted that this settlement is not connected to the earlier PokerStars settlement in 2012.

Scheinberg ascended to the leadership position at PokerStars when his father was forced to step down as part of the settlement he brokered with the DOJ last year; a settlement that saw PokerStars fork over a total of $731 million to the DOJ, in order to get off the hook civilly and criminally, while also receiving Full Tilt Poker as a consolation prize. Get VIP access with your online poker experience only at Titan Poker VIP.

As far as I can tell, the first outlet to break the news was OnlinePokerReport.com, where the story has been updated throughout the day and as more and more details emerge. Unlike his father, Mark Scheinberg has never been criminally of civilly charged by the US DOJ, but based on the wording of the forfeiture a case may have been in the pipeline or that the DOJ still has frozen PokerStars assets as Chris Grove theorized.

Rational Group (the parent company of PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker) Head of Corporate Communications Eric Hollreisser issued a statement to the poker news website PokerFuse.com earlier today stating:

Mark Scheinberg, the CEO of PokerStars, has agreed to forfeit USD $50 million to the US Government. This forfeiture settles potential claims against Mark’s assets based on the allegations contained in the April 15th 2011 US Government complaint against PokerStars. The agreement is not in response to any action that had been brought against Mark and contains no admission of wrongdoing, culpability or guilt on his behalf.”

Others have started speculating that the settlement will increase PokerStars chances of securing an online poker license in the US, be it in New Jersey, or in another state down the road, which was first speculated on by New Jersey blogger John Brennan, who has been following the politics of New Jersey online gaming since the outset.

Viktor Blom Wins PokerStars SCOOP Main Event

A total of 580 players registered for the $10,300 buy-in Main Event of the PokerStars Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP), and there were some really big names battling at the final table for the lion’s share of the $5.8 million prize-pool –which easily exceeded the $4 million guarantee. While not as big as the World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP) the SCOOP series has proven to be a very popular tournament series, with players able to play at a variety of different buy-in levels, as each SCOOP tournament has a low, medium, and high buy-in version.

The two biggest names fighting for the SCOOP Main Event-H title were chip-leader Noah Boeken, and former Team PokerStars Pro and current Team Full Tilt Poker Pro Viktor “Isildur1” Blom. But not to be outdone was Mike Telker, who finished fourth in the 2012 SCOOP Main Event, and was now making history, appearing at back-to-back SCOOP Main Event final tables.

Boeken was coming into the tournament on a bit of a heater, having won SCOOP Event #13-H a Heads-Up PLO tournament, and by the time the final table rolled around Boeken had built up a commanding chip-lead. Here is a look at the chip-counts and seating assignments heading into the final table:

  • Seat 1: Amadi_017 (United Kingdom) — 423,455
  • Seat 2: Sergio “zcedrick” Aido (United Kingdom) — 1,299,847
  • Seat 3: Mike “munchenHB” Telker (Cyprus) — 1,629,266
  • Seat 4: cmontopdeck (United Kingdom) — 661,773
  • Seat 5: Noah “Exclusive” Boeken (Netherlands) — 2,397,709
  • Seat 6: leshkaGmBlZ (Russia) — 375,703
  • Seat 7: w4ldo (Germany) — 699,434
  • Seat 8: Ravi “govshark2″ Raghavan (Canada) — 387,291
  • Seat 9: Viktor “Isildur1″ Blom (United Kingdom) — 825,522

In the end it would be Boeken and Blom who would battle for the title (Telker matched his finish in 2012, 4th place, but sans the 6-way deal from 2012 he “only” pocketed $446k this time around) with Boeken holding a 3-1 chip-lead over the talented young Swede. Still, Blom had a stack of over 60 Big Blinds at the start of heads-up play, and he is considered one of the top heads-up players in the game, so it came as no surprise when Blom erased the deficit, and eventually eliminated Boeken when he flopped the nut-straight with Boeken holding a useless top-pair.

Here is a look at the final table payouts from the SCOOP Main Event-H:

  1. Viktor “Isildur1″ Blom (United Kingdom) $1,096,200
  2. Noah “Exclusive” Boeken (Netherlands) $803,300
  3. cmontopdeck (United Kingdom) $591,600
  4. Mike “munchenHB” Telker (Cyprus) $446,600
  5. Sergio “zcedrick” Aido (United Kingdom) $313,200
  6. Ravi “govshark2″ Raghavan (Canada) $246,500
  7. w4ldo (Germany) $188,500
  8. leshkaGmBlZ (Russia) $130,500
  9. Amadi_017 (United Kingdom) $88,740

Amazingly there was no final table deal this year, which is extremely rare in these massive online tournaments. Last year’s SCOOP final table saw a 6-handed deal struck, and similar multi-player deals are the norm in the multi-million SCOOP events, WCOOP events, Sunday Million tournaments, and elsewhere across the Internet. Avail the newest bonus options today for online gaming. Try Titan Poker Rakeback!

Resources: http://www.pokerstarsblog.com/scoop/2013/scoop-2013-viktor-isildur1-blom-bests-bo-137930.html

Cal Anderson Joins Shaun Deeb as 4-time SCOOP Winners

Calvin “Cal42688” Anderson is one of the better known online poker tournament players in the game (and for good reason) and 2013 could very well be the breakout year for Anderson considering he has had a fair amount of live tournament success in 2013, and just made poker history by joining online poker legend Shaun Deeb as the only poker players with four PokerStars SCOOP titles.

In 2013 Anderson has finished 5th in the 2013 Irish Poker Open Main Event, 10th in the PokerStars EPT Berlin Main Event, as well as cashing in the PokerStars PCA Main Event and the EPT Grand Final Main Event. Anderson’s biggest live tournament score came in 2011 when he finished 14th in the PokerStars PCA Main Event for $115k.

Anderson’s fourth SCOOP win came in Event #25-M, a $215 Fixed Limit Holdem 6-Max tournament. Cal Anderson took on another talented poker player who flies under the radar, Nick Abou Risk from Ireland, who finished as the runner-up in Anderson’s historic win:

  1. Calvin “cal42688″ Anderson (Mexico) $23,643.00
  2. Nick “nabourisk” Abou Risk (Ireland) $17,636.40
  3. b8chatz (United Kingdom) $13,099.50
  4. jonstarz (United Kingdom) $8,946.00
  5. nimzon (Finland) $6,390.00
  6. Truelove13 (Russia) $3,834.00

Here is a look at Anderson’s three other SCOOP titles:

  • 2012 SCOOP -12-H: $2100 PL Omaha Heads-Up: $18,408
  • 2011 SCOOP-27-H: $2100 Razz: $46,200
  • 2010 SCOOP – 17-L: $15 PLO w/Rebuys: $26,940

Not to be outdone, Deeb is also making waves during the 2013 SCOOP series. Deeb won four titles last year on his way to the SCOOP leader-board title, and this year Deeb has already made multiple final tables, and is now sitting atop the SCOOP leader-board for the second straight year. Here is a look at the Overall Leaders on the SCOOP leader-board (PokerStars also runs individual leader-boards for the Low, Medium, and High buy-in events):

Place User ID Country Played Points
1 shaundeeb Mexico 84 465
2 ninototoroko Brazil 84 450
3 GeorgeDanzer Austria 83 435
4 Unkn0wn123 Uruguay 69 410
5 ImDaNuts Costa Rica 51 380
6 Jorj95 Canada 84 370
7 stevie444 United Kingdom 68 365
8-9 blanconegro Mexico 67 330
8-9 villepn Finland 78 330
10-12 cal42688 Mexico 71 325


There is still a lot of poker left to be played before the 2013 SCOOP tournament series comes to a close, including the Main Events this Sunday, so there is still plenty of time for a leader-board shakeup, as well as more SCOOP history to possibly be made. Check out the top poker rooms today at our Titan Poker Top Online Rooms section.

*Resources: www.pokerstarsblog.com, www.pokerstars.com/scoop, www.thehendonmob.com

PokerStars Releases Schedule for Historic Season X of the EPT

On August 28, 2013 The European Poker Tour (EPT) will turn 10, when Season X of the popular poker tour kicks-off with a stop in Barcelona. While very little was made of the historic 10th Anniversary of the tour when PokerStars released the Season X schedule on Monday, going by the site’s history with their own 10th Anniversary it’s a good bet that PokerStars has some special events planned for Season X of the PokerStars EPT.

Once again the EPT schedule has been streamlined, with the tour focusing on its most popular destinations and building full tournament series around the EPT Main Events. The only real changes to the schedule were the EPT San Remo and the EPT London, both reverting back to their usual dates on the calendar. Click this link for the latest Titan Poker bonus today!

“During a successful Season 9 where we decided to host fewer and bigger events incorporating the national tours, we listened to an enormous amount of player feedback who valued less time spent travelling, and more time spent playing. Since the Sanremo tournament will be held immediately before the EPT Grand Final in April, it will mean players can spend the whole month of April on the beautiful Riviera,” said EPT President Edgar Stuchly in the press release on the PokerStars blog.

Here is a look at the current dates for the Season X stops on the European Poker Tour:

Tournament Country Festival Dates Main Event Dates Buy-In
EPT BARCELONA SPAIN Aug 15-25, 2012 Aug 19-25, 2012 €5,000 + 300
EPT SANREMO ITALY Oct 3-11, 2012 Oct 5-11, 2012 €5,000 + 300
EPT PRAGUE CZECH REPUBLIC Dec 5-15, 2012 Dec 9- 15, 2012 €5,000 + 300
2013 PCA BAHAMAS Jan 5-14, 2013 Jan 7-13, 2013 $10,000 + 300
EPT DEAUVILLE FRANCE Jan 30-Feb 9, 2013 Feb 3-9, 2013 €5,000 + 300
EPT LONDON UK Mar 5-16, 2013 Mar 10-16, 2013 £5,000 + 250
EPT BERLIN GERMANY Apr 17-27, 2013 Apr 21-27, 2013 €5,000 + 300
POKERSTARS AND MONTE-CARLO®CASINO EPT GRAND FINAL MONACO May 6-15, 2013 May 6-12, 2013 €10,000 + 600


Remarkably, after nearly nine full seasons the European Poker Tour has yet to see a player win multiple titles. Compare this to the World Poker Tour’s track record of 19 players with multiple championship titles, and two, Gus Hansen and Carlos Mortensen, having three championships on their resume. So, in 120 tournaments the WPT has crowned 19 repeat winners, and in 90 tournaments the EPT has crowned ZERO!

*Resources: www.pokerstarsblog.com, www.europeanpokertour.com

Is Macau the New Poker Hotspot?

Anyone who follows the world of poker with any level of scrutiny is well aware of the massive drops in attendance at major poker tournaments that have been taking place over the past few years. Black Friday gets a lot of the blame for these drops –and rightly so—but even before the US Department of Justice decided to turn the entire poker world on its head attendance had been waning virtually across the board. Of course, a few tournaments and locales managed to buck the trend and keep their attendance numbers from plummeting, but there is also one part of the world that has seen a sharp increase in poker tournament attendance, Macau.

Known mainly for its ultra-high-stakes cash games, Macau has started to become far more than a playground for the ultra-wealthy and top-tier poker pros in the world, evidenced by the massive turnout for the recent Macau Poker Cup Red Dragon Main Event. Prior to last week’s tournament, the attendance record for the tournament was a respectable 635 players, but this time around the tournament pulled-in a remarkable field of nearly 900 players, with the final number hitting 891 when all was said and done. And according to the PokerStars coverage of the tournament, this was with over 100 alternates never getting a chance to take a seat in the event!

The tournament itself is now in the hands of PokerStars (which is a likely reason for some of the growth this year) and if you think the Main Event was an outlier look no further than several of the preliminary events setting their own records. However you slice it, it seems like Macau could very well be the most desirable tournament destination next to Las Vegas in the middle of summer when the WSOP comes to town.

Here is a look at the final table payouts from the tournament:

  1. Terry Fan: 1,771,000 HKD — $228,516
  2. Gie Reyes: 1,242,000 HKD — $160,258
  3. Neil Chen: 743,000 HKD — $95,871
  4. Fei Xie: 555,000 HKD — $71,613
  5. Andy Asihwardji: 393,000 HKD — $50,710
  6. Fanny Li: 328,000 HKD — $42,323
  7. Sailesh Lohia: 262,000 HKD — $33,806
  8. Wesley Zhu: 196,000 HKD — $25,290
  9. Ryan Yu: 153,000 HKD — $19,742

The tournament series has been running for a number of years of now, and up until now has pretty much been known for two things: The first is of course having the coolest trophy in the history of poker (and perhaps in the history of sports?) as well as being pretty much responsible for putting Celina Lin on the poker map as she won this event in 2009 and again in 2012. Click here for the latest tournament schedule for Titan Poker.

*Resources: www.thehendonmob.com, www.pokerstarsmacau.com

PokerStars Launches Mobile App for US Players

US poker players can once again play at PokerStars thanks to the release of a new mobile app for IOS and Android operating systems! Well, we can play for play money anyway. The apps available from the iStore and from Google Play only allow US residents to download the play-money version of PokerStars mobile app, but for some US players who miss playing at PokerStars like a long-deceased childhood pet, the play-money app is better than nothing.

Here is a look at the E-Mail I received from PokerStars today detailing the app’s new availability to US residents:

“Play PokerStars.net games from the palm of your hand with the free PokerStars Mobile Poker app for iOS and Android devices!

“The world’s best mobile poker app brings players in America all the excitement of the PokerStars.net site, with tournamentsring games and Zoom poker available round-the-clock. Download the app now and practice your play money skills against millions of players worldwide.

“PokerStars Mobile Poker is available for free from the Apple App StoreAmazon Appstore and on Google Play. Need help downloading the app? Check out the Mobile Poker page for instructions and start playing now!”


Players in Europe and elsewhere across the globe have had access to PokerStars on their mobile devices for quite some time, and overall the reviews have been very positive. The only complaint I have come across is the lobby navigation, which is apparently not quite up to snuff with the downloadable PC version of the PokerStars software.

PokerStars is currently trying to reposition itself for a return to the US market as more and more states legalize and regulate online poker. In New Jersey, where Governor Chris Christie signed a bill legalizing online poker in the Garden State earlier this year, PokerStars is awaiting final approval on their purchase of the Atlantic Club Casino in Atlantic City, which would pave the way for the US return of PokerStars.

The US play-money mobile app is one way for PokerStars to keep their brand at the top of the US market; PokerStars is far and away the largest online poker room in the world, but the site hasn’t dealt a hand of poker to US players since April 15, 2011.

The launch of the mobile app in the US market comes on the heels of PokerStars announcement of the signing of Brazilian football legend Ronaldo, who now joins tennis superstars Boris Becker and Rafa Nadal as members of Team SportStar at PokerStars. Download the latest Titan Poker software for free only at Titan Poker Download section.

Football legend Ronaldo joins Team PokerStars SportStars

On Friday we learned that PokerStars inked Brazilian football (soccer to those of in the US) legend to a sponsorship deal, making him the newest member of Team PokerStars SportStars. Ronaldo joins a pair of famous tennis players in Boris Becker and Rafa Nadal, as well as the lesser-known Fatima Moreira de Melo (A Dutch field hockey star) and Marcus Hellner (a gold medal winning Swedish skier) on the SportStars Team.

With the fairly recent signing of Rafa Nadal and now Ronaldo, It would seem that PokerStars is beginning to take a broader approach to their marketing efforts, and trying to appeal to a wider audience. While the site has sponsored various celebrities and athletes over the years these deals were more one-off tournament entries, whereas the recent signings of Nadal and Ronaldo are putting these players front and center in the site’s overall marketing efforts.

Ronaldo will represent PokerStars as a brand ambassador, playing in both live and online poker tournaments:

In a post on the PokerStars blog, Ronaldo talked about his new role with PokerStars, saying, “Sempre busco entregar o meu melhor em tudo, no futebol e na vida. O poker é mais um desafio que me empolga: ler o jogo e os adversários e escolher o melhor caminho para vencer.” Adding, “Já há algum tempo venho descobrindo o jogo de poker e escolhi o PokerStars porque eles reúnem uma comunidade apaixonada pelo esporte. Além disso, conta com uma grande equipe de jogadores”,

For those of you who don’t speak Portuguese, this roughly translates to (using Google translate and my own limited linguistic abilities): “I always try to bring my best in everything, in football and in life. Poker is another challenge that excites me: you must read the game and opponents and choose the best way to win. For some time I have been discovering the game of poker and have chosen PokerStars because they are a community that is passionate about the sport. Moreover, it has a great team of players,”

Ronaldo, born Ronaldo Luís Nazário de Lima, is one of the legends of Brazilian football (which is saying quite a bit) thanks to a prolific International and club career that saw him widely considered to be the best footballer in the world for a number of years. Ronaldo led Brazil to the World Cup in 2002, winning the Golden Boot as the tournament’s top scorer, and hung up his cleats as the World Cup’s all-time leading goal scorer with 15 goals. If Germany’s Miroslav Klose returns for a fourth World Cup in 2014, which seems very likely as he continues to play at a high level, Ronaldo’s record is likely in jeopardy –Klose currently has 14 goals.

For the latest online poker promotions head over to our Titan Poker Promotions section.

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