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WCOOP Main Event Creates 2 Millionaires

THE online poker tournament of the year is the PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP) Main Event, and this year, after a six player deal, two players managed to walk away with seven-figure scores, while all six players earned at least $500,000 for their efforts.

As the final table began, three players held virtually all of the chips as Jossel2008, Kakalala, and Mike MunchenHB Telker accounted for over 25.5 million of the 36 million or so chips that were in play. Here is a look at the chip counts and seating assignments as the final table began:

  • Seat 1: Maratik — 1,935,189
  • Seat 2: FOO-92 — 1,402,455
  • Seat 3: Mike “munchenHB” Telker — 11,907,089
  • Seat 4: Phil “takechip” D’Auteuil — 3,783,516
  • Seat 5: Ryan “TheCart3r” Carter — 1,894,230
  • Seat 6: Jossel2008 — 6,002,830
  • Seat 7: sly caveat — 941,302
  • Seat 8: Kakalala — 7,633,941
  • Seat 9: Mitdadu — 999,448

The overwhelming chip-leader, Mike “MunchenHB” Telker managed to cut a very good deal for himself when the table got down to 6 players, locking up a guaranteed $1,000,000 score (fortuitous considering he ended up finishing in 4th place) while an unknown low-stakes tournament player from Russia, “Maratik”, just edged him out on the payout charts by picking-up an extra $100,000 for the win, and earning only about $300 more than Telker! Here is a look at the final table payouts from the event:

  1. Marat “Maratik” Sharafutdinov — $900,907.26 + $100,000 for the win ($1,000,907.26)*
  2. Ryan “TheCart3r” Carter — $662,516.39*
  3. Jossel2008 — $814,602.12*
  4. Mike “munchenHB” Telker — $1,000,584.34*
  5. sly caveat — $601,884.39*
  6. FOO-92 — $502,992.46*
  7. Kakalala — $182,500
  8. Phil “takechip” D’Auteuil — $136,875
  9. Mitdadu — $91,250

Two other well known players also managed to make very deep runs in the tournament but fell short of the final table: Kyle “KJulius10″ Julius (15th place for $48,362.50) and Kevin “WizardOfAhhs” Thurman (34th place for $29,200).

Marat “Maratik” Sharafutdinov turned out to be by far the biggest winner considering he won his way into the Main Event through a 40FPP buy-in satellite tournament. The Russian poker player usually plays in $20 buy-in events, but with an extra million dollars in his PokerStars account my guess is we will be seeing him in plenty of high-buy-in online events as well as some live tournaments.

Maratik explained to the PokerStars blog how he uses the FPP satellites on the site to play in tournaments above his bankroll: “I noticed that with enough luck you can qualify for just a small amount of FPPs so I began to play them often. It was the same way I won a couple of seats in the $215 Sunday Million and in one of the nightly $150 tourneys.

Interested in getting to the big event? Try Titan Poker and test your skills! Visit Titan Poker Bonus website today.

Big Fat Holiday Bonus with Happy Hour

For the Winter Edition of the Titan Poker Bonus, they will be handing out extra points to all their cash tables. This is just then right to say that this new promotion is named Happy Hour. Why not if you could possibly earn for 50 percent more Titan Poker points? It is also great as the players are given the opportunity to play at their favorite cash game tables. The schedule for this said tournament will run every Friday to Sunday. The time will be based on the server time from 20:00 – 23:59 GMT.

You too can use of your extra points if you will take part in the Club Titan Poker Store in purchasing for special tournament tokens. There are also great cash bonuses for this tournament making it fun more than ever. So, you can generate as much extra points as you can.

The rule of the game allows that this tournament will only be valid for cash table play. If there are extra points that are generated, it will be issued on Mondays. Then, it does not count towards the cleaning bonuses. Aside from that, these extra points are not also considered for VIP monthly requirements. Of course, there are other promotions available which you can also join. Included to the said promotion are: $2,000 First Deposit Bonus, Titan Time Winter Edition, Sit ‘Win’ Go, 2012 $10,000 Freeroll, Over the Limit, European Football League, Double Challenge, $3,000 Beginners Races, Top Hand of the Day and Bad Beat Bonus. So, find your way to have a great bonus.

Maximum Welcome Bonus of Titan Poker Increases to 200%

LAS VEGAS- Online Titan Poker increases its gift to newbies as much as 200% to a maximum of $2000 for deposits. There are a lot of casinos and online companies that are also offering bonuses but not as rare and maximum as what Titan Poker offer. The moment the software is downloaded and the bonus code is entered, Titan Poker bonus is then offered. Players can already enjoy the game of poker either day or night.

All levels of players will be allowed to access to the site and can play poker against opponents in different skill levels. There are novices and professionals. Through practice and rounds with qualified opponents, one can improve the skills. Other popular personalities in the world of poker have been promoting the site, in fact. According to the spokesman of the site, the Titan Poker Bonus Code is the biggest compared to other online bonuses. With a large color black scheme, the website is easy to navigate. In addition to that, the website also features statistics, established players about the current players and about the rules of the game.

There are Omaha Hi/Lo, Omaha High and Texas Hold ‘Em games available. Usually, you can find others or share a hand during peak hours of the game. You may also want to consider waiting a bit during the times that the traffic is slow because the site is still new. The primary reasons why players join Titan Online Poker are the fact that there are customer service and security. A lot of world currencies accepted many forms of establishing the initial deposit for an account. The good thing is that their payouts are accurate and prompt. 

Beginners Races Weekly $500

It is needless to say that there are a number of reasons why people love to play Titan Poker Bonus. The most basic answer one could give perhaps is because of the thrill and prices they get out from the poker rooms online. There are different bonuses, impressive software, and array of satellites and tournaments and of course a friendly staff to count few. Even if you have lass experience with the competition, you still get the hang of the game and you have greater chances of gaining something. With the abundance of online poker players, Titan poker tournaments offers different tournaments for the new players.

The $500 Beginners Races is the newest surprise for the new arrivals of the poker family. The management of the game will award their tip 100 players with pending bonuses and cash prices. What is the requirement? It is easy. You just have to pull up your chair and pay poker at the Beginners cash tables. These are only open for all beginners so they can learn how to play in such a relaxed environment because all the other players are at their level.

How can one win in here? Once you open the titan software, be sure to go to the world tables and the category you should choose is for beginners. Take a seat in one of the Beginners cash table and then start playing poker. Remember that you have to generate raked hands so that you can move up your rankings. After the weekly race ends, you can then receive your prise and then you can play more and win more prizes again next week.

Titan Poker for Irish Winter Festival

Titan Poker Bonus is considered as one of the largest poker rooms out there. There are undeniably lots of poker bonuses to be found and guaranteed with prize tournaments around the game. The level of competition isn’t really as bad as what others think it might be. You will be surprised with the numbers of players around it. Actually, the game has been to its extend of people all over the world gather to play around and share the same passion for the game.

As for Irish Winder Festival, Titan poker Review is also staging this series of game for all players in the world who’s willing enough to play. The package prize at stake is around €1,800. This is truly a game for the best players in Ireland. You just have to join the qualifier satellites so that you can assure a seat in the game this October. This will further award to the main event of the game with all the different prize packages. Including in the packages are: Buy-ins, nights accommodations with breakfast at the Burlington Hotel in Dublin, handling fees and flights and necessary spending. A perfect adventure for Irish Winter Festival this 2011, indeed!

The main importance, after all, of the game is the fun while reaching the higher level of the game. You gain additional points in the process while enjoying. Since 2005, Titan Poker has offered thrill to active players not to mention the quality selection it could offer. For now, you should go and enjoy this Irish Winter Festival surprise for a poker lover like you.

Bring A Friend, Earn Rewards Program

Bring a friend to the tables and receive a $500 reward!

That’s right! For every friend you bring to the Titan Poker Bonus tables, you will get an instant $500 reward! So the more friends you invite, the more cash you’ll receive!

The requirements are as follows:
Your Friend’s Requirements
100 Points + $50 Deposit
750 Points
1250 Points

The mechanics of this promo is simple. Just send your friend an instant invitation by filling out an online form here, send it to your friends and win $500 cash reward + $50 pending bonus for every successful invite! Once your friend downloads the Titan Poker software, opens an account, makes the first deposits and earns 100 Points, you will receive a $50 cash bonus and $50 pending bonus. When your friend earns 750 Points, you will receive $150. Finally, when your friend reaches 1,250 points, you will receive an additional $250. By the bonuses are not limited to yours, your friend will also receive a $20 Welcome Gift as soon as he opens his or her own account.

All bonuses will be issued up t week after friend invites are submitted.
Take advantage of this fantastic rewards program and earn $500 bonus today!

5-A-Side Poker Championship

Want to join the ultimate poker team challenge at Titan Poker Bonus?

Exclusively available at Titan Poker, the 5-A-Side Poker Championship is a team challenge consisting of 5 members competing against each other in Multi-Table Tournament or MTT. Each player will be will be awarded points for their finishing positions. The team with the most points after the Group Stage will qualify for the Playoff stage where they will compete for over $100,000 prize money.

Each team will also qualify for double the 1st Place prize cash in each league. To register your team to the biggest team poker challenge, click here. This contest is only available for Titan Poker Tournament members.

To register, follow these simple steps:
Step 1: Team captains must select 4 poker players and identify each member’s role in the team (forward, defender, keeper or midfielder). Whether you choose your friends or your old poker game partner, it doesn’t matter as long as they are registered Titan Poker members.
Step 2: Register your team here.
Step 3: Select your league of choice
Step 4: Once your team is set, each member must confirm their participation in the 5-A-Side Poker Championship by registering matching tournament to their role accordingly. For participants who were unable to find teammates to join this promo, they can register on a special “no play” tournament in the lobby where they will be assigned to a team and position on it.

Registration will start on April 18th until May 8, 2011
Changes and reorganization within teams is allowed from May 9th to May 12th, 2011 only.

New Poker Player Rewards

Want to join the exciting world of Titan Poker Bonus? Here’s your chance!

Looking for better poker opportunities, realistic and easy to use software? Titan Poker offers the exhilarating world of online poker game, rewards and all.

Big Bonus For New Players

Titan Poker offers a wide array of bonuses and rewards for new players. New players can get a generous First Deposit bonus of 200% up to $1,000 instantly if they make the initial deposit right away. This reward can be redeemed automatically and will increase bankroll as players engage in cash games and tournaments at Titan Poker.

Rewarding Freerollaction

Once new players make their First Deposit, they will also get the chance to participate in Titan Poker’s regularly scheduled $2,500 New Depositors Titan Poker Freeroll tournaments and will receive four tokens for free. New poker players can also participate in Titan Poker’s $50 Beginners Freeroll currently running twice a day.

It gets better, each week, Titan Poker will award the top 100 new players with instant cash prizes and other bonuses.

Dedicated Staff

Titan Poker has a dedicated professional customer support team that works 24/7 to assist all new players in making their first deposit at Titan Poker. What’s more, interested parties have various payment options to choose from.

To improve your game and increase your chances of winning, Titan Poker also offer the Mentor Odds Calculator. This easy to use tool provides effective solutions to various poker situations, helping players understand the dynamics of the game.

So don’t waste time. Make that First Deposit and get all these cash prizes and rewards at Titan Poker, now!

Rio Jackpot Tournaments Set By Titan Poker

A number of sit ‘n goes have been set in Titan Poker Bonus and they have their own features that make them as enjoyable tournaments among individuals.  All they need to do is to find these within the site and have the chance to take advantage of them to win prizes.  One of them is the Rio Jackpot Tournaments.

Rio Jackpot Tournaments is a sit ‘n go tournaments but the prizes offered to this game are more than what regular events offer.  Regular events would give players the pot of the game but Rio Jackpot Tournaments give more prizes as it will allow players to win the jackpot as long as they win six straight tournaments under this event.  Hence, players will earn up to $25,000 and even more as long as they follow the qualifying requirements of these events.

The good thing about these events is they also offer compensation prizes for those who are either on first or second place in the event.

Overall, Rio Jackpot Tournaments are among the best events people can play online especially if they want to win more money.  Players can check them out directly at the Titan Poker Tournaments websites for additional details and how to join the event.

Fresh Bonus and Prize Offers from Titan Poker

When it comes to online poker, a lot of people would like to get a hold of bonuses for more money or investment on their games.  The good news is Titan Poker Download is one of the best sites that offer the best bonuses anyone can have when it comes to playing poker.  Recently, they’ve brought about their latest and perhaps the biggest bonus they can give to their players today.

They’re giving out bonus codes that can amount up to $1000 for players who will sign up and play games right on their sites.  What they just need to do is to go online and start taking advantage of this sign up bonus with the help of Titan poker.

In addition, they’ve also boosted their guaranteed prize pools to up to $1 million and even more.  This includes the guaranteed events held every Sunday as well as other VIP upgrades for people who have played in other poker sites like Full Tilt Poker and PokerStars.

These are only some of the latest bonuses offered by Titan Poker Bonus.  They still offer a lot more deals that wil surely make every online poker player happy in engaging to their favorite card game online.

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