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New Spamalot Casino Game Offers Million Dollar Progressive Jackpot

Full of Monty Python antics, Titan Poker’s new Spamalot casino game is fun and exciting. And it’s extremely rewarding too with a progressive jackpot that keeps growing by the minute. At the time of writing, the Spamalot progressive jackpot has passed the $1 million mark.

Casino games are a great way to kill time while waiting for your Titan Poker tournament to start or waiting for a seat to open up at your Titan Poker cash game.

Spamalot offers you the best possible entertainment, with an animated introductory video that will take you back to the Monty Python Spamalot show. Place your bet, spin the reels, and watch your favorite Monty Python characters roll around to award you with amazing prizes.

Spamalot is not the only casino game in the Titan Poker software currently offering a million dollar jackpot. Beach Life and Gold Rally have become the top two most popular slot games at Titan Poker because of their jackpots that collectively offer more than $3 million in prizes.

This past June, a 30-year-old player from the Ukraine spun the reels and became an instant millionaire when he won the $1,548,999 progressive jackpot while playing Gold Rally.

Do you think you can win a million dollar jackpot? Play Spamalot today.

Fort Knox Progressive Jackpot Now Over $157,500

For quite some time now, no one has won six consecutive Fort Knox Jackpot Sit ‘N’ Go tournaments at Titan Poker. That’s why the Fort Knox progressive jackpot prize has grown to over $157,500 as of late August.

Another progressive jackpot tournament, the Rio, is also waiting for its next big winner. The Rio jackpot has recently passed the $100,000 mark.

Buy-in to the Fort Knox tournament is $50 + $9 while players have to pay $20 + $3.50 to join the Rio tournament.

If you want to participate with a lower buy-in, you can sit at Maui Sit ‘N’ Go tables for only $10 + $2. The current Maui progressive jackpot is over $21,000, which you can win by finishing first in five consecutive tourneys.

The $50K Craze and Dirty Dozen are Sit ‘N’ Go tournaments with set prizes. Players who win four $50K Craze SNG tournaments in a row receive a $50,000 prize while the low-priced Dirty Dozen SNG tournament offers a standard $2,000 jackpot prize for four consecutive wins.

With the prizes so high at these Titan Poker Sit ‘N’ Gos, players are eager to grab their seats in the hopes of bringing home that five-digit jackpot prize. If you want to join, simply look for these tournaments in the Titan Poker software under Sit ‘N’ Go –> Jackpot Sit ‘N’ Go.

Massive Discounts on Guaranteed Tournaments with Super Sale

On the guaranteed tournaments, there will be massive discounts to be given to the players. This just proves in Titan Poker Tournament that spring is eventually hot with rewards offered. You too can take advantage of the massive discounts which amounts up to 80% off. We can really say that the Super Sale is finally here. This will run from the second day or April to the 7th with the ranging discounts from 60 to 80 percent off the regular online poker tournaments. From the ideas from poker enthusiasts, they believe that this is something that you would more likely to be mad about. Do not dare to miss out this chance to enjoy the percent of discounts from online poker tournaments too.

For the amazing super sale discounts, you can see the table in the main site for the tourneys to join. In case that you win for the first prize, the rewards will be non-transferable and non-refundable as well. It is also not converted to cash. Any of the individual players could win one seat in the corresponding mainland Main Event.

It is needed that the participants should be at least 18 years old not unless it is specified in different rules. For those who will be a part of the World Series of Poker Super Satellites, they should be at least 21 years old. It is also important that the players will have valid passport and supporting documentation that are necessary for the mainland poker tournaments. Now, just follow these instructions and you can be a part of Super Sale.

Players to Win Seat in Friday $60,000 Guaranteed R/A

Players of Titan Poker can start their day now by winning a share of $60,000. This $60,000 Guaranteed tournament will be staged to run every Friday. The time is exactly 20:00 GMT+1 to the server time. It will start in the stack chips of 1,500. The blinds will also increase every 12 minutes and then there will be unlimited rebuys which will only be applicable in the first hour of the tournament.

The good thing for players of Titan Poker in this tournament is that the direct buy-ins is allowed. It will be for $100 + $9. However, players can also win their seat in one of their daily satellites. So, don’t dare to miss also their satellite structure to be qualified to the game. Now is your chance to win load of cash. You just have to choose from the selection of tournaments that are presented in the main software of Titan Poker under Friday $60,000 Guaranteed R/A category.

Aside from this tournament, they also have other big money guaranteed tourneys including those that are running every weekend. Included to this are Sunday $200,000 Guaranteed and Saturday $35,000 Guaranteed Freezeout. There are really a lot of reasons why you should play Titan Poker Tournament such as the tournament is safe, secure and easy. Have a try and get the chance to win serious cash.

5-A Side Poker Championship: Best Team Offer

One of the biggest sport attractions today is titan poker download. The reason for this is because there are sport tournaments that often provide seats for players that are found all over the world. These tournaments are legitimate and are supported in different organizations making it all worth the fun and thrill. With this prestigious game introduced a new feature for the poker enthusiasts.

5-A poker championship is the so called “team challenge”. You only have to register your team that should consist of 5 members according to the rules of the game. These 5 members will have to compete with each other in the MTTs or Multi Table Tournaments. Each players will be awarded with a points basing from their finishing positions. And so these points will also have to be accumulated and will count as one team ranking on the laederboard of 5-A. The team that will able to generate high points will have to move on to the next playoff stage.

Since the game is exclusive for Titan Poker Tournament only, there should be a team captain in the game. The remaining 4 will still have a definite role like forward, keeper, midfielder, or defender. Others just consider picking a team whom they already know or their personal friends to they can choose with the partners. The prizes that will be won will be credited to your team every time you earn points in the game. You can make the most of Titan Poker fun with your team so go and register for an account.

5-A-Side Poker Championship

Want to join the ultimate poker team challenge at Titan Poker Bonus?

Exclusively available at Titan Poker, the 5-A-Side Poker Championship is a team challenge consisting of 5 members competing against each other in Multi-Table Tournament or MTT. Each player will be will be awarded points for their finishing positions. The team with the most points after the Group Stage will qualify for the Playoff stage where they will compete for over $100,000 prize money.

Each team will also qualify for double the 1st Place prize cash in each league. To register your team to the biggest team poker challenge, click here. This contest is only available for Titan Poker Tournament members.

To register, follow these simple steps:
Step 1: Team captains must select 4 poker players and identify each member’s role in the team (forward, defender, keeper or midfielder). Whether you choose your friends or your old poker game partner, it doesn’t matter as long as they are registered Titan Poker members.
Step 2: Register your team here.
Step 3: Select your league of choice
Step 4: Once your team is set, each member must confirm their participation in the 5-A-Side Poker Championship by registering matching tournament to their role accordingly. For participants who were unable to find teammates to join this promo, they can register on a special “no play” tournament in the lobby where they will be assigned to a team and position on it.

Registration will start on April 18th until May 8, 2011
Changes and reorganization within teams is allowed from May 9th to May 12th, 2011 only.

Rio Jackpot Tournaments Set By Titan Poker

A number of sit ‘n goes have been set in Titan Poker Bonus and they have their own features that make them as enjoyable tournaments among individuals.  All they need to do is to find these within the site and have the chance to take advantage of them to win prizes.  One of them is the Rio Jackpot Tournaments.

Rio Jackpot Tournaments is a sit ‘n go tournaments but the prizes offered to this game are more than what regular events offer.  Regular events would give players the pot of the game but Rio Jackpot Tournaments give more prizes as it will allow players to win the jackpot as long as they win six straight tournaments under this event.  Hence, players will earn up to $25,000 and even more as long as they follow the qualifying requirements of these events.

The good thing about these events is they also offer compensation prizes for those who are either on first or second place in the event.

Overall, Rio Jackpot Tournaments are among the best events people can play online especially if they want to win more money.  Players can check them out directly at the Titan Poker Tournaments websites for additional details and how to join the event.

DeepStack Open Cannes Package

Cannes is one great location for people who are on the lookout for the top quality film presentations worldwide.  But this year, it’s also a good year to see live poker events right on location because of the DeepStack Open Cannes for this year.

DeepStack Open Cannes is one major event that people would like to look forward to especially if they’re looking for a good poker event while being on one of the top areas within the country.  With the help of Titan Poker Bonus, it’s now possible for people to have a chance in joining the event while being free from other worries on the event.

Titan Poker will provide €1,150 DeepStack Open Cannes package.  This package will cover every poker event needs of the clients like direct buy in on the main event including chips, several days stay at Gray d’Albion, flight transfers and a lot more.

In joining this event, all the players need to do is to go online and join the satellite events starting from March 22.  In terms of super satellites, they will be held on March 28 and April 18.  Visit Titan Poker Tournament site to see the satellite schedules and have a chance in joining this event.

Titan Poker’s Guaranteed Tournaments and Regular Schedules

Titan Poker gives you a lot of different events to choose from and try out depending on your interest. If you’re looking for a great amount of prizes, you have the Guaranteed Tournaments that can give you the prizes you’re looking for.

Guaranteed Tournaments have three schedules for you to choose from. The event with the largest prize is the $200,000 Guaranteed prize which is set every Sunday of the month. One this event, you’re offered with an initial chip count of 5000 and with increasing blinds each 15 minutes.

The next event is the $60,000 Guaranteed R/A that is considered as the star of your Fridays. Initial chip count is at 1,500 and with increasing blinds set every 12 minutes. Unlimited Rebuys is also available for the first hour of the event.

The $35,000 GP Freezeout is set every Saturday and just like the $200,000 Guaranteed, initial chips are at 5000 and with increasing blinds every 15 minutes.

If you want to try out these events, makes sure to check out the Titan poker download sites as their buy-ins are different from each other. Find the best one for you and you’ll have the chance to win one of these events.

Qualifying for Titan Go Live Freerolls and Final

Sam Trickett is one of the hottest poker players right now after receiving the Best Newcomer Award from the British Poker Awards. Aside from knowing this fact, poker players must know that they have the chance to play with him by qualifying for the Titan Go Live Event. In addition, this event will give the winner a package to play in the 2011 Irish Open Main Event.

Qualifying for this event has two stages as conquering the Titan Go Live Freerolls and the Final event. To be a part of the freeroll events, the main aim is to earn points within the next 10 days on their set period. Two options are available in earning points. First is to earn 100 points everyday for the set 10 days while the second option is to accumulate a total of 1500 points within a particular period. Once these points are earned, you’ll get an entry ticket to the Titan Go Live Freeroll. In qualifying for the March 17th freeroll, start accumulating points from March 7 to 16. For the March 31st freeroll, the 10-day schedule starts from March 21 to 30. Continue reading Qualifying for Titan Go Live Freerolls and Final »

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