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Jeff Hakim Reigns Supreme at Titan Poker

Canadian poker player Jeff Hakim continues to reign supreme over Titan Poker tournaments. Last November 18 he defeated a starting field of 955 players to win the $34,520 first prize at the $200,000 Sunday Special.

Playing under the nickname “YoungSupremacy”, Jeff has scored some amazing tournament wins at Titan Poker. Last year, Hakim won the $35,000 GP High Roller Monday and finished second in the $30,000 GP Super Tuesday R/A.

Jeff’s win last weekend was his biggest ever at Titan Poker. He previously finished second in the $250,000 Guaranteed in February 2009, for a prize of $30,000. Jeff is currently ranked #113 on PocketFives’ worldwide online poker tournament rankings.

The $200,000 Sunday Special tournament ran for nearly 11 hours. At the final table, “YoungSupremacy” moved into the chip lead when he busted Lithuanian player “Elektrikas37″ in 7th place. Heads-up played for over 60 hands, with “YoungSupremacy” retaining his advantage over “wtfNigger8″ the entire time.

On the final hand of the tournament, “wtfNigger8″ raised with 5♣ J♠, and “YoungSupremacy” called holding A♠ 4♣. “YoungSupremacy” checked on a K♠ 2♠ J♥ board, and “wtfNigger8″ made a small bet with his pair of jacks. Both players checked the Q♠ turn. When the river came, it was the T♠, completing both players’ flushes. On the final action sequence, “YoungSupremacy” checked, “wtfNigger8″ bet, “YoungSupremacy” raised all-in, and “wtfNigger8″ called.

The better flush won the pot, giving “YoungSupremacy” his huge win at Titan Poker. For his runner-up finish, “wtfNigger8″ won $25,000.

Synchronized Breaks at Titan Poker Tournaments

Serious gaming takes serious time commitment. Poker aficionados who play on multiple tournaments at the same time are often glued to their seat for hours because each tourney takes a break at different hours.

Titan Poker tournaments often break according to each individual tournament’s start time. There’s no appropriate opportunity to leave the computer because at one or another of the tourneys, the action was demanding attention.

Now Titan Poker lets you stretch your legs, go to the restroom, visit the fridge, or step out for a smoke by pausing all tournaments simultaneously.

Titan Poker multi-table tournaments in the morning now have synchronized breaks at 55 minutes past the hour.

Not all of Titan Poker’s tournaments have synchronized breaks. The site is introducing this feature slowly to make sure there is no interference with your gaming experience.

The tournament description will tell you if this particular tourney has synchronized breaks. If it says “5 minute break at 55 minutes past the hour,” you’ll know in advance exactly when the break will be taking place. Register to several multi-table tournaments with that same description so you can pause all of them at the same time.

So far, Titan Poker has introduced synchronized breaks at all multi-table tournaments taking place between 11:00 and 13:00 GMT+1, with additional break hours in the coming weeks.

Club Titan

Club Titan is the most rewarding poker VIP club online. Every time you play in Titan Poker cash games or tournaments, you are awarded with Titan Points based on your game play. Move up the VIP ladder to get more free cash or tokens to bigger Titan Poker tournaments.

How to generate points

Every real money hand you play where rake is generated awards you with Titan Points. Points are calculated by the size of the pot in any given hand. A good estimation of points generation is 5 points per dollar of rake, 11 points for every $2 of rake, and 24 points per $3 of rake. Tournament players are also awarded 17 points for every dollar of tournament fee paid.

Generate enough points in any given month and qualify for a VIP level which will boost your points.

VIP benefits

Here is a summary of the benefits you can receive from each VIP level.

Bronze players (250-999 points) get a 10% Points Boost plus tokens to the Weekly $500 FR, Weekly $1,000 FR, and VIP Sit ‘N’ Gos

Copper players (1,000-2,999 points) get a 20% Points Boost plus tokens to the Weekly $1,000 FR, Monthly $5,000 Freeroll and VIP Sit ‘N’ Gos

Silver players (3,000-4,999 points) get a 30% Points Boost plus tokens to the Weekly $1,000 FR, Monthly $5,000 Freeroll and VIP Sit ‘N’ Gos

Gold players (5,000-9,999 points) get a 40% Points Boost plus tokens to the Weekly $1,000 FR, Monthly $5,000 Freeroll and VIP Sit ‘N’ Gos

Platinum players (10,000-16,999 points) get a 60% Points Boost plus tokens to the Weekly $1,000 FR, Monthly $5,000 Freeroll and VIP Sit ‘N’ Gos

Titanium players (17,000-34,999 points) get a 100% Points Boost plus tokens to the Weekly $1,000 FR, Monthly $5,000 Freeroll, VIP Sit ‘N’ Gos and $5,000 Gladiators Race

Diamond players (35,000+ points) get a 120% Points Boost plus tokens to the Weekly $1,000 FR, Monthly $5,000 Freeroll, VIP Sit ‘N’ Gos and $5,000 Gladiators Race

Special benefits:

  • Retain your Bronze VIP level for 4 months in a row and you will be promoted to Copper in the next month.
  • Retain your Copper VIP level for 3 months in a row and you will be promoted to Silver in the next month.
  • Retain your Silver VIP level for 2 months in a row and you will be promoted to Gold in the next month.

How to cash in your Titan Points

You can cash in your Points for cash bonuses or tournament tokens anytime. Check out the point redemption packages available at the Club Titan store.

If you hold on to your points until the next level, you will see that the rewards increase exponentially so you receive more money for your points by saving them (e.g. 20,000 points is worth more than double 10,000 points).

Taking Part in the Action at Titan Poker

Itching to get your hands on the cash prizes at stake? Titan Poker Review offers a variety of daily tournaments, Freeroll tournaments, exclusive VIP tournaments, and Guaranteed prize competitions. Players can choose from freerolls, freezeouts, re-buy tournaments or satellite tournaments. Any of these choices could help you qualify for any major poker events across the globe.

For Freeroll tourneys, it opens daily at 12:00 or 23:20 (GMT+1). It is open to all players who signed up at Titan Poker within the last 90 days.

The Guaranteed Prize tournaments runs every Fridays at 20:00 (GMT+1) for the $60,000 Guaranteed R/A, Saturdays at 19:30 (GMT+1) for the $35,000 GP Freezeout and Sundays at 19:00(GMT+1) for the Guaranteed Freezeout NL.

The VIP tournaments are scheduled every Tuesdays at 20:00 (GMT+1) Nickel Weekly $250 FR, Wednesdays at 20:00 for the Bronze Weekly $500 FR, every Saturdays at 22:00 (GMT+1) for the Weekly $1,000 VIP. Every 3rd of Wednesday marks the Monthly VIP $5,000 tournament, which starts at 20:00 (GMT+1).

For the full list of Titan Poker’s Daily Tournaments, click here.

Participants to any of Titan Poker’s tournaments should note that all the poker tournaments are Texas Hold’em No Limit, unless noted otherwise. Also, the tournament schedules are subject to changes so it is best to check with the site for the updated schedules.

Great Titan Poker Sign up Bonus

The wonderful world of Titan Poker Tournaments enables player to deposit and will be awarded with a massive bonus from up to $2,000. Automatically, this bonus will increase your bankroll as you redeem and pay cash tournaments and game in the Titan Poker. The team creates this reward for everyone for a warm welcome including 4 tokens to be rewarded to their New Depositors Freerolls. Yes, you read that right. You have the chance to win your amazing share of $10,000 the time you just make your first deposit. So that you can be sure that it is your best start for the game, those freerolls have Poker Mentor Odds Calculator where you can see how you can advance in the game and earn real cash. You just have to ensure that you always have a winning hand.

As mentioned, the first time depositors receive the 200% part of their game. The valid depositors make their first deposit sign up bonus. Then it will be released so that they can earn Titan Poker Bonus points for the ring game tournaments. If you already have the software, go and check the My Account section to see the full instruction. Points will be rewarded at ring games for the players who contributed their money to the pot. The awarded points will, at the same time, be also based from the fees paid by the players.

Players can qualify for this unique game of the month so they can accumulate certain points giving them another option to their bonuses. As you register, there will be codes to list.

Titan Poker’s Step Tournaments

Since its introduction in the year 2005, Titan Poker Bonus has become one of the most online games. There are different active players playing quality of poker games selection. Their poker rooms are made to surely please everyone who will play, hence a lot of poker players are yet to join. For novices, you need not to worry as there are step tournaments for your level of skills.

The goal here is to conquer the 7th Step so you can win the top price.

One can jump in and begin at Step 1 which will amount for less than a dollar. You can work your way up the ladder so that you can win a token for about $200,000 Guaranteed tournament. However, players can also proceed to different level through buy-ins. There is no longer the need to begin at the bottom. This structure of the tournament gives every player the chance to work their way up from Step 1 to 7. There are various tokens to allow you for a tournament advance stages. You can win a seat also at the same level of lower level.

Step 1 tournament amounts to $0.16 that allows you to step up for the final step. This is a 10 man Sit N Go online poker game for every step. The moment these 10 players have registered for the game, you can already begin climbing up your winning game. So start downloading the software so you could create your account for the first free rolls. You will be surprised just how the game can be anything that you ever imagined.

Summer Jackpots III with Over $500,000 at Stake

By just the virtue of signing up for a Titan Poker membership, you will surely enjoy the rest of the surprise that will come along. There is also an abundance of poker player online that might interest you if you wanted to ask for support in some poker rooms. With a variety of games, you can choose to stick with one or opt for other tournaments each time you play.

The most in demand for Summer Jackpots III comes for the month of July and August. There will be two daily races each week and that will take place on Sundays and Tuesdays. With 24 Hour Races, you can generate as many points as you can in different cash table and place it on leader board so you can win your share. The blind levels include Micro Stakes, Low Stakes, and Medium or High Stakes Leaderboard. As for Happy Hour tournament, you can just generate extra points to increase your payouts in the end of the month. This game is for every Friday and players in the cash table will be rewarded with an extra 50 percent points.

The summer guaranteed Titan Poker tournaments continues also until the 24th of September. They have a weekly schedule of guaranteed prize up to 75 percent off. There is also a limited edition of the tournament especially offered this summer so you should not miss these great discounts. Not to also mention that a part of this Summer Jackpots III is the Double Challenge buy in that is reduced to $1+$1 that presents a much more lucrative progressive jackpot.

Beginners Races Weekly $500

It is needless to say that there are a number of reasons why people love to play Titan Poker Bonus. The most basic answer one could give perhaps is because of the thrill and prices they get out from the poker rooms online. There are different bonuses, impressive software, and array of satellites and tournaments and of course a friendly staff to count few. Even if you have lass experience with the competition, you still get the hang of the game and you have greater chances of gaining something. With the abundance of online poker players, Titan poker tournaments offers different tournaments for the new players.

The $500 Beginners Races is the newest surprise for the new arrivals of the poker family. The management of the game will award their tip 100 players with pending bonuses and cash prices. What is the requirement? It is easy. You just have to pull up your chair and pay poker at the Beginners cash tables. These are only open for all beginners so they can learn how to play in such a relaxed environment because all the other players are at their level.

How can one win in here? Once you open the titan software, be sure to go to the world tables and the category you should choose is for beginners. Take a seat in one of the Beginners cash table and then start playing poker. Remember that you have to generate raked hands so that you can move up your rankings. After the weekly race ends, you can then receive your prise and then you can play more and win more prizes again next week.

New Poker Player Rewards

Want to join the exciting world of Titan Poker Bonus? Here’s your chance!

Looking for better poker opportunities, realistic and easy to use software? Titan Poker offers the exhilarating world of online poker game, rewards and all.

Big Bonus For New Players

Titan Poker offers a wide array of bonuses and rewards for new players. New players can get a generous First Deposit bonus of 200% up to $1,000 instantly if they make the initial deposit right away. This reward can be redeemed automatically and will increase bankroll as players engage in cash games and tournaments at Titan Poker.

Rewarding Freerollaction

Once new players make their First Deposit, they will also get the chance to participate in Titan Poker’s regularly scheduled $2,500 New Depositors Titan Poker Freeroll tournaments and will receive four tokens for free. New poker players can also participate in Titan Poker’s $50 Beginners Freeroll currently running twice a day.

It gets better, each week, Titan Poker will award the top 100 new players with instant cash prizes and other bonuses.

Dedicated Staff

Titan Poker has a dedicated professional customer support team that works 24/7 to assist all new players in making their first deposit at Titan Poker. What’s more, interested parties have various payment options to choose from.

To improve your game and increase your chances of winning, Titan Poker also offer the Mentor Odds Calculator. This easy to use tool provides effective solutions to various poker situations, helping players understand the dynamics of the game.

So don’t waste time. Make that First Deposit and get all these cash prizes and rewards at Titan Poker, now!

Titan Poker Guaranteed Prize Events For Every Titan Players

Winning online poker is one of the rewards any player can get especially if they really want to play this game.  and when it comes to winning, players would like to win big prizes so VIP Titan Poker, one of the leading online poker sites, have prepared their own big pot events within the site like the guaranteed prize event.

Guaranteed prize events have been their banner when it comes to providing the ideal games they’re looking for as well as their prizes.  they allotted weekends of the month starting Fridays so players can enjoy a good game of poker with the prizes to suit their preferences.

Fridays start off with their $60,000 Guaranteed R/A event which allows player to directly buy-in or go for their satellites in order to make sure they’ll have their chance in getting this pot.  Saturdays allow people to play for the $35,000 GP Freezeout.  Finally, Sundays are considered to be the special day of their Guaranteed Prize events by having the largest pot of all.

Titan Poker Tournament players just need to check out their website and they’ll surely have the chance to play on these events and get a hold of these large prizes in the process.

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