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Titans Win Big in the First iPOPS III Event

Winning a seat to the iPoker Online Poker Series (iPOPS) is an accomplishment on its own. Winning an iPOPS tournament, however, can boost your stock and take you to the upper echelon of successful poker players.

To say one played and fought valiantly through over 200 hands of heads-up play only to ultimately end up in second place is something to be recognized with pride, especially if the runner-up prize is a whopping $25,605.

Last November 25, iPOPS III kicked off its first event with 1,707 players at the starting table. The tournament was a $125 + $10 buy-in freezeout which awarded a total of $213,375 in prizes to winning players. The action lasted 12 hours and 21 minutes, and three Titan Poker players finished in the top five places.

Short-stacked “TGk59″ from Russia was eliminated in 5th place when he went up against chipleader “blackaces72″ from Canada with A T against K Q. A king fell on the turn and a queen hit on the river. For his fifth place finish, “TGk59″ received $9,601.87.

Next to go was “tankkke” from Argentina. “blackaces72″ continued to dominate when his pair of tens confronted A K. The flop provided a second king, but the turn delivered a third ten and “tankkke” was out, for a $13,688 prize.

One hand later, “bluebla1990″ busted in 3rd place when his suited K T couldn’t fight off the pair of sixes held by “OMGDannyRudd”.

Heads-up play started with “blackaces72″ in the lead. It seemed like “blackaces72″ would go all the way for the iPOPS win, but in 200 hands, anything can happen. By the time hand #206 of heads-up play was dealt, “OMGDannyRudd” was firmly in control.

In the final hand, “OMGDannyRudd” had the advantage with a pair of tens against the deuces held by “blackaces72″. The tens held and the tournament was over. For his second place finish, “blackaces72″ won $25,605 while “OMGDannyRudd” took home $34,141 as the tournament winner.

Four iPOPS events remain, with Titan Poker players once again competing for the top spots. Check out Titan Poker’s tournament schedule to be updated on what’s happening in Titan Poker.

Win a €3,200 prize package to the 2013 Irish Open

Titan Poker is holding a super satellite at 20:00 GMT with three guaranteed prizes to the 2013 Irish Open. Each prize package will include the following:

  • €2,000 + €250 buy-in to the Main Event
  • €395 for 5 nights’ accommodation and breakfast at the Burlington Hotel in Dublin (March 28 – April 2)
  • €525 for flights and spending

The Irish Open is the longest running poker tournament in Europe, and every year Titan Poker stages special satellites to give players a chance to compete with the best poker pros in Dublin.

The Irish Open is traditionally held over Easter weekend and takes place at the Burlington Hotel. The Irish Open 2013 Main Event will be staged from March 29 – April 1.

Tonight’s super satellite to the Irish Open Main Event is a €160 + €16 freezeout tournament. Players can qualify through one of the many low-priced satellites running throughout the day.

Don’t miss this great opportunity to win a seat to the 2013 Irish Open. Register through a Titan Poker satellite qualifier now to play for the €3,200 prize package.

Do check out Titan Poker’s website for the latest promotions for titan poker today.

Canadians Duel at Titan Poker’s $40,000 GP Super Tuesday

After Black Friday, many poker players from the United States moved to Canada to continue playing in the major rooms. Once up there, they were in for a huge challenge against the abundance of great talent north of the border.

In the November 20 edition of Titan Poker’s $40,000 GP Super Tuesday R/A tournament, three Canadians battled it out for the first prize, capturing three positions at the final table and then finishing in the top two places.

A total of 187 players paid the $100 + $9 buy-in to join the action, which lasted for nearly nine hours.

“p0000cket0000″ was eliminated in 8th place, when his A Q ran up against the A 9 of fellow Canadian “DosPerros” and another nine dropped on the flop. For finishing in 8th place, “p0000cket0000″ won $1,410.

In heads-up action, “DosPerros” had a 2-1 advantage in chips over compatriot “betsamesame” but that lead was not to last. Holding A 8, “DosPerros” pushed all-in on an unhelpful flop, but “betsamesame”, holding Q T, already had a pair of queens, and that held through the river, giving “betsamesame” the tournament lead.

“betsamesame” pushed all-in frequently through 25 more hands, trying to trap “DosPerros”. On the final hand of the tournament, “betsamesame” again bet all his chips pre-flop holding 9♠ T♠, and “DosPerros” called with A♠ 7♣. A nine on the turn sealed the victory for “betsamesame”.

For his first place finish, “betsamesame” received $10,199 while “DosPerros” was compensated with $7,238 for placing second.

Do you have enough to beat these highly skilled Canadian players? Grab a tournament seat today and go up against the best Titan Poker competitors. To know more on what games are available today do check Titan Poker’s Tournament Schedule page to be updated.

Win an iPOPS Seat for as Low as 10 Cents

The $1 Million iPOPS III tournament will kick off on November 25, and many players have already secured their seats at the five separate events. More than 400 tokens are still up for grabs, and you could win one of them through several low-priced Titan Poker satellites that will be staged in the coming weeks.

The popular iPoker Online Poker Series (iPOPS) returns to Titan Poker’s tournament schedule this fall with five tournaments culminating in a $550,000 main event.

The first iPOPS III event will take place on November 25. This $200,000 GP Freezeout has a buy-in of $125+$10.

The second iPOPS III tournament will be held on November 26. Buy-in to this $100,000 High Roller Freezeout is $350+$20.

The third iPOPS III event is set for November 28. This $50,000 GP R/A has a very affordable buy-in at $40+$4.

The fourth iPOPS III tourney will run on November 30. This $100,000 DeepStack is a 2nd Chance event with $100+$9 buy-in.

The main iPOPS III event scheduled for December 2 is a $550,000 GP Freezeout with $200+$15 buy-in.

There are three very affordable ways to reserve seats at the iPOPS tournaments.

Satellite Your Way

Sit ‘n’ Go and scheduled tournament satellites are running around the clock for each of the five iPOPS events. Buy-ins for stage 3 qualifiers are available for as low as $0.06 + $0.01. Play your way up through three stages of satellites into an iPOPS tournament for less than 10 cents.

Play a Mega Satellite

Five iPOPS mega satellites will be staged over the next few days awarding over 400 seats to the big iPOPS tournaments. The first of these qualifiers will be staged on Thanksgiving night. Play the iPOPS #5 $550,000 GP Mega Satellite at 19:30 on November 22 and December 1 for a very low buy-in and you can win one of 200 guaranteed seats at the $550,000 iPOPS main event.

Win Seats in the MTT Challenge

The Titan Poker MTT Challenge runs from November 2-24, awarding $25,000 in entries to iPOPS tournaments. The MTT Challenge is a unique leaderboard race where players are ranked based on their best multi-table tournament results. It’s not yet too late to join the race and win a share of the prizes. To participate, simply opt-in to the MTT Challenge and play as many multi-table tournaments as possible.

Interested in learning how to play online poker? Check this Titan Poker Review to know more about this online poker room.

Jeff Hakim Reigns Supreme at Titan Poker

Canadian poker player Jeff Hakim continues to reign supreme over Titan Poker tournaments. Last November 18 he defeated a starting field of 955 players to win the $34,520 first prize at the $200,000 Sunday Special.

Playing under the nickname “YoungSupremacy”, Jeff has scored some amazing tournament wins at Titan Poker. Last year, Hakim won the $35,000 GP High Roller Monday and finished second in the $30,000 GP Super Tuesday R/A.

Jeff’s win last weekend was his biggest ever at Titan Poker. He previously finished second in the $250,000 Guaranteed in February 2009, for a prize of $30,000. Jeff is currently ranked #113 on PocketFives’ worldwide online poker tournament rankings.

The $200,000 Sunday Special tournament ran for nearly 11 hours. At the final table, “YoungSupremacy” moved into the chip lead when he busted Lithuanian player “Elektrikas37″ in 7th place. Heads-up played for over 60 hands, with “YoungSupremacy” retaining his advantage over “wtfNigger8″ the entire time.

On the final hand of the tournament, “wtfNigger8″ raised with 5♣ J♠, and “YoungSupremacy” called holding A♠ 4♣. “YoungSupremacy” checked on a K♠ 2♠ J♥ board, and “wtfNigger8″ made a small bet with his pair of jacks. Both players checked the Q♠ turn. When the river came, it was the T♠, completing both players’ flushes. On the final action sequence, “YoungSupremacy” checked, “wtfNigger8″ bet, “YoungSupremacy” raised all-in, and “wtfNigger8″ called.

The better flush won the pot, giving “YoungSupremacy” his huge win at Titan Poker. For his runner-up finish, “wtfNigger8″ won $25,000.

30% Refund on Slots Every Tuesday and Wednesday

Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the best times to play slot games at Titan Poker. On these days, players get a 30% refund up to $1,000 if they lose.

Titan Poker has a selection of more than 70 slot games that feature amazing graphics and colorful action. Click to start a game and get transported to the set of your favorite movies or TV show. You might see the Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, King Kong, the Pink Panther, Wolverine, or the cast of Baywatch. Play 8-ball slots, lotto, or games with football, ice hockey, or tennis themes. Have fun with A Night Out or visit the kitchen to see What’s Cooking. Incredible fun games include Bonus Bears, Penguin Vacation, and Great Blue.

Some of these slot games feature progressive jackpots that go into the millions. If you happen to hit the reels with your Midas touch, you could end up winning a lot of money. Total progressive jackpots from Titan Poker slot games are now over €4.7 million. The Spamalot jackpot alone is more than €1 million. Try your luck at Gladiator – you might win the €457,180 prize! The most popular slot game at Titan Poker is Beach Life, which currently has a €502,850 jackpot that grows by the second.

Whatever game you choose to play, don’t forget to opt-in to enjoy the 30% special refund on slot game action every Tuesday and Wednesday. This offer will serve as insurance if you end up losing at the games, but on the other hand, you could go home with a huge win from one of the many enticing progressive jackpot games.

You can only win if you play, so try out Titan Poker’s hot slot games today.

Looking where to play online poker? Check out this page Titan Poker Online Poker Rooms and know the top online rooms today.

Play for Big Money on Titan Poker Sundays

Online poker players who are looking to bring home the big bucks should mark Titan Poker Sundays on their calendars.

Sunday is the most anticipated day on the Titan Poker schedule, with a total of $280,000 in cash prizes given away in four big tournaments taking place simultaneously.

The new Sunday line-up of major events has proven to be quite popular and many players are registering for more than one tourney in order to get a better chance of finishing the day in the money.

Last November 11, New Zealand player “2Pro4youHoes” participated in three simultaneous tournaments: the $200,000 Sunday Special, the $30,000 GTD Sunday, and the $30,000 Sunday 2nd Chance. While he was kicked out of the first two without reaching the money stage, he was able to fare better in the 2nd Chance.

“2Pro4youHoes” battled through a starting field of 197 players to the final table of the $30,000 Sunday 2nd Chance. When he reached heads-up play, he had a 2-1 advantage in chips over “TheSpanishBull”. What followed were 74 grinding hands during which “TheSpanishBull” temporarily took the lead, only to see “2Pro4youHoes” fight his way back.

On the final hand of the tournament, “2Pro4youHoes” held K♦ 4♣ and made a small bet on a T♦ K♠ 2♦ flop. “TheSpanishBull” had Q♦ 5♦ and called with the flush draw. The turn was 7♣. “2Pro4youHoes” continued with another bet and “TheSpanishBull” called. The river was dealt, and it was 8♣. “2Pro4youHoes” again bet small with his pair of kings. “TheSpanishBull” responded with a bluff and went all-in. “2Pro4youHoes” called and his kings held, giving him the tournament victory.

For winning the event, “2Pro4youHoes” received $8,549.80 while “TheSpanishBull” had to settle with $6,067.60 for second prize. “THEROUNDER888″ from Portugal finished third and brought home $4,590.10.

If you want a piece of the huge guaranteed prize pool on Titan Poker Sundays, then block off your weekend and get ready to join multiple tournaments this Sunday. Do check Titan Poker News for the latest happening on the world of poker.

Aussie Millions Ushers In A New Poker Year

One of the biggest tournaments in the poker circuit, the Aussie Millions is held every January at the Crown Casino in Melbourne, Australia. The 2013 edition will feature 26 events over 18 days with millions of dollars up for grabs.

Players who want to participate in the 2013 Aussie Millions Main Event can win their seat through Titan Poker satellites starting November 17, 2012.

Weekly Super Satellites will run every Saturday with a $16,000 prize package that includes:

  • AUD10,000 + AUD600 buy-in to the Main Event
  • 10 nights’ accommodation and breakfast at the Crown Promenade Hotel in Melbourne (January 24 – February 3)
  • $2,300 for flights and expenses

Players can also buy-in directly to the 2013 Aussie Millions Super Satellite for $500 + $35 and compete against the best poker players in the world. For players who are on a tight budget, Titan Poker is giving away tokens to the Super Satellite through low-priced qualifiers. Talented poker players can win their way to Australia for an investment as low as $0.44+$0.04.

For a complete schedule of satellite tournaments to the 2013 Aussie Millions, go to the Download Titan Poker page.

Mexicans Dominate Titan Poker’s $15,000 Guaranteed Tourney

Poker has been growing in popularity in Mexico over the last few years and automated poker tables have been introduced at many casinos around the country.

Titan Poker has plenty of talented Mexican poker players in its fold. And two of them were caught in an exciting heads-up battle in the $15,000 Guaranteed R/A tournament held last November 7.

The $15,000 Guaranteed R/A tournament is a popular daily tournament that kicks off at 20:00 GMT. Buy-ins are $15+$1.50, and re-buys are available until the first break, when an add-on is also offered. Late registration is available through Level 6.

The November 7 event attracted a total of 375 players. After nearly seven hours of hot poker action, “tinaconway” and “TheBearGay” of Mexico were the two remaining players on the table.

Going into heads-up play, “tinaconway” had a 2-1 advantage of chips over “TheBearGay” and managed to keep that lead through 25 hands of play. On the final deal, “tinaconway” raised all-in pre-flop with A♥ 5♠, and “TheBearGay” called with a pair of fours. The flop came down 5♦ 8♥ 2♦, and the pair of fives was enough to give “tinaconway” the tournament victory.

For winning the event, “tinaconway” received $3,466.63 while “TheBearGay” won $2,460.15 for finishing second.

Will the Mexicans dominate the next guaranteed prize event at Titan Poker tournaments again? Play in Titan Poker scheduled tournaments today and give them a good fight.

Close Race at the Titan Poker Grand Battle

A quarter of the Grand Battle is over. After three grueling weeks, it appears that the three leading players have a lock on the top prizes. But with nine more weeks to go, all players still have a chance to move up the standings and win a share of the $120,000 total prize in a close race to the finish.

The Titan Poker Grand Battle, a 12-week promotion that features weekly and monthly races plus an overall quarterly race, has a unique ranking system that awards players with Master Leaderboard points (MLPs). The top 100 players in each weekly race are awarded with MLPs. The more races they participate in, the higher their chances of earning more MLPs.

A total of $61,000 will be awarded at the conclusion of The Grand Battle to the top 50 players on the Master Leaderboard. The top ranked player will receive $10,000.

Romanian player “DeeeAAAA” was the winner of The Grand Battle Weekly Race 3, giving him valuable MLPs that closed the gap between him and “MAPA3MATu4KA” of Russia, who is currently in first place on the overall standings.

Competition is also tight among those who are trying to finish in the money. German player “einumpalumpa” is currently in 50th place on the overall standings with 65 MLPs, a position which will entitle him to a cash prize if he retains it through the end of the promotion. But two players – “maayyaa” from Russia and “sleepasaurus” from Hungary – are close on his tail with 64 MLPs each. All they need to do is score high in the next weekly race to move up into money positions on the Master Leaderboard.

The key to winning prizes in The Grand Battle is to play hard each week for small prizes and place high on the overall leaderboard for the big prizes.

There’s still plenty of time for new players to join The Grand Battle. Simply opt-in at the Titan Poker software and win a share of the $120,000 in prizes.

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