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Awards at Final Titan Turbo

Do you want to know who is the player awarded as most profitable when it comes to the cash tables? In fact, this is the challenge that is posed to the players from their weekly Titan Turbo cash game races. And at the same time, this is also based during the month of February. They were ranked according to the profits they earned from the tables. To someone with the biggest profit margins, he will receive for the amount of $8,000.

The players each week will also compete with the two parallel Titan Turbo races which will be based towards the stake levels. As included in the cash games, Group A have the stake of 0.05/0.10 – 0.50/1. On the other hand, the Group B included 1/2 and up of cash games. The formula where their rankings were based is according to Profit= Winnings- Bets. For the Group A winner from the race that started from February 22nd to February 25th was registered with a name of “zovkoj10”. He was a Croatian player. The top five players of the group were also listed in the main site.

For the group B race, the winner was registered with a name of “HotPhil999”. He was from United Kingdom and he claimed a total prize of $375. Just as the same from Group A, their top three finishers in the game were also displayed in the main site. To be eligible for the prizes, the players need to opt-in for the Titan Turbo.

New Races Begin Wednesdays

Today, various poker players are now eager to play in the tournament tables in Bonus Code Titan Poker because there will be an exciting set of races. It all comes in new cycle for players to enjoy more of the game. If you are enthusiasts for the cash game, there will be special promotion targeting for the sit ‘n’ go race. This is even ideal for those who love the Double Up action. The amount of prizes is now up for grabs and you can even win for it too. There will be 4-day Titan Turbo cash game races which will sure to benefit the players. The great thing with this tournament is the fact that there will be set automatic leaderboards. This is set already according to the levels at the tables and the stake.

The leaderboards will also automatically rank the players according to their profit since there is a ready formula. It was equated from winnings less the bets. Meaning to say, you get to reach higher ranking if you stand to win more profits. Each week, a total of $2,000 for the cash prizes will be awarded to the winning players. Take note that this award is still a part of the Titan Turbo.

If you are interested to play in this tournament too, you should be able to earn more leaderboard points. Remember that the basis of your winning will be divided in four competitive groups that are based on the tournament buy-ins and the combined prize  pool at the same time.

Follow the Leader in Titan Turbo

This month of February in Titan Poker Bonus, the amount of $8,000 is on the table ready to be awarded to the cash table players out there. Ever since the beginning of the month, there are already 4 days race that will occur wherein prizes will also be awarded to the winners. If you wanted to participate in the most profitable cash games, it will be during Wednesday to Saturday for this tournament. The Titan Turbo races will run each week with two groupings. This will be based towards the stake levels and the total prize to be won by the participating players amounts to $2,000.

The equation that will be calculated according to the profit of the player is: PROFIT = WINNINGS – BETS. You can also check out for the full schedule of the Titan Turbo with their minimum of 200 raked hands which will be eligible for the prize as well. It simply takes a click to the opt-in button in their website so that the players can begin to enjoy the game.

Those that will be considered for this promotion are only the cash table players though. They are not including the heads up table. It is also a part of their rules that the race period will begin at  00:00 and end at 23:59 GMT. To be considered for this promotion, there will two stake level of groupings. So, to be eligible for the prizes, you can begin to opt-in once in the tournament and begin to check for your leaderboard ranking.

Join the Race in Titan Turbo

Do you love Titan Poker Bonus and consider yourself as a winning player when it comes to cash tables? Perhaps, you are one of the people out there who wanted to earn recognition and be able to win prizes. It does not even need that you are a super poker player because even novices can take part in Titan Poker tournaments. They are welcomed to try out the thrill and see the features so that it will get the returns from its promotions. As you know, this is a part of the management to encourage more players to join their games and this merits both parties in the end.

One of the popular tournaments now in Titan poker is the Titan Turbo which will eventually take its effect tomorrow with the $8,000 in total prize. This starts in the Month of February to welcome the players such as you. This then gives you the chance to be on top of the Titan Turbo leaderboards as it generates most of the cash tables and profit. Aside from that, this gives you the chance to finish on the winner circle. You can never really expect if you will be a part of the speedy race.

At the start, it will start to run every Wednesday and Saturday and it is where players will be ranked in according to their profit. If you will be a part of this tournament, then your profits will be monitored basing to what you will earn on the cash. Join the groupings now within the week.