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Nevada’s Impact On US Online Poker Traffic Numbers

Now that the online poker industry is up and running in the state of Nevada we are starting to see exactly what kind of impact licensed online poker rooms will have on the US market –and if you are an unlicensed offshore provider the future doesn’t look very promising.

The US online poker market currently consists of Bovada, all of the other unlicensed rooms, and then Ultimate Poker, WSOP.com and Seals with Clubs.

The sites that have taken the biggest hit in recent months are those on the Merge Gaming Network and the Revolution Network. Both networks (which were thriving just after Black Friday) have seen traffic plummet, and can now only boast average traffic of 370 players.

But not all of their traffic has gone to Ultimate Poker and WSOP.com. Bodog has seen a traffic increase, as have the Winning Poker Network and the Chico Poker Network, both of which are now in striking distance of Merge and Revolution –something that I would have considered an impossibility even a few months ago.




Bovada 7-Day Average 1,100 players 7-Day Average 1,320 players
Revolution Gaming Network 7-Day Average 680 players 7-Day Average 370 players
Merge Gaming Network 7-Day Average 670 players 7-Day Average 370 players
Winning Poker Network 7-Day Average 245 players 7-Day Average 305 players
Chico Poker Network 7-Day Average 210 players 7-Day Average 300 players
Ultimate Poker 7-Day Average 75 players 7-Day Average 155 players
Seals With Clubs 7-Day Average 84 players 7-Day Average 64 players
WSOP.com N/A 7-Day Average 55 players


*Traffic numbers from www.pokerscout.com. Pokerscout.com uses a 7-day rolling average of cash-game players to determine traffic numbers.

If the current trend continues it’s quite likely that one or more unlicensed poker rooms may have to close their doors. Revolution has plummeted from an average of over 1,000 cash-game players just last year to their current level, while Merge has seen a similar fall but for different reasons: Revolution has been plagued by lengthy withdrawal times while Merge has seen several high-profile skins leave the network for unspoken reasons.

Bovada could end up being the proverbial thorn in the side of the licensed US poker rooms in the early going, as the site is the only unlicensed US-friendly online poker room with traffic numbers that are currently unattainable for the current crop of licensed rooms to compete with – and we all know that taffic is one of the biggest factor when players join an online poker site.

Bodog and PokerScout Still Not on the Same Page

In December of 2011 we first brought you news about the longstanding feud between the online poker traffic tracking site PokerScout.com and the online poker room Bodog, where Bodog accused PokerScout of profiting from online poker sites’ data without permission. Of course, PokerScout sees this very differently, and as PokerScout.com owner Dan Stewart claims, the site’s “duty to our readers to provide neutral and complete coverage of the market necessarily took precedence over the wishes of a single operator.”

Over the years everything from extortion to “cooked numbers” have been levied, and it seems that the feud is still alive and well after PokerScout.com removed Bodog from their tracking numbers, which some thought was pokerscout.com finally capitulating to Bodog’s requests to remove them. However, the absence of Bodog lasted only 24 hours, and when the site returned to the traffic rankings CalvinAyre.com’s xxx penned another article criticizing PokerScout.com and their data collection methods.

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May 2013 Online Poker Traffic Rankings for US operators

If you haven’t glanced at the online poker traffic numbers provided by PokerScout.com in a while you might be asking yourself what is going on with the US market. Bovada is now the #1 online poker room in the US market according to PokerScout.com, and Merge and Revolution are battling for the #2 spot, whereas just six months ago Revolution was easily holding the #1 spot, followed by Merge and then Bodog.

It’s been a terrible past couple of months for the Revolution Network, which now finds itself in a virtual tie with the Merge Gaming Network for the title of the second largest online poker provider in the US. Bodog (under the banner of Bovada) is leading the US market when it comes to traffic with near-double the amount at either Revolution or Merge according to PokerScout.com.

While second place is normally a decent place to be, Revolution has seen traffic fall nearly 50% in the past couple months as the network has been the target for numerous criticisms, most of which focusing on the slow withdrawal times from the network which have stretched to three and four months. At one point they were the #1 online poker provider in the US, and were crushing Merge Gaming after one of their flagship skins, BlackChipPoker, jumped from Merge Gaming to the Winning Poker Network. But now the two networks have seen their roles reversed, as Merge Gaming is hanging on strong to its player base, while Revolution has seen its numbers plummet.

The recipient of Revolution’s slide is not really apparent just yet, Bodog has seen a marginal increase in their traffic numbers, while the Merge Gaming Network and the Winning Poker Network have held fairly steady.

Soon we will also see the impact of Ultimate Poker’s launch in Nevada on the US traffic numbers, and as more and more rooms come online in the now regulated market it could wreak real havoc on the remaining offshore sites that are still operating in the US. Currently the site is tracking just below Seals with Clubs in PokerScout’s reports, not quite the massive debut people were hoping for.

Here is a look at the US online poker provider traffic rankings according to PokerScout.com (as of 5/1/2013):

  1. Bodog/Bovada: Worldwide rank #11 – 7-Day Rolling Average of 1,100 cash-game players
  2. Revolution Gaming Network: Worldwide rank #14 – 7-Day Rolling Average of 680 cash-game players
  3. Merge Gaming Network: Worldwide rank #15 – 7-Day Rolling Average of 670 cash-game players
  4. Winning Poker Network: Worldwide rank #27 – 7-Day Rolling Average of 245 cash-game players
  5. Chico Poker Network: Worldwide rank #31 – 7-Day Rolling Average of 210 cash-game players
  6. Seals With Clubs: Worldwide Rank #42 – 7-Day Rolling Average of 84 cash-game players
  7. Ultimate Poker: Worldwide rank #43 – 7-Day Rolling Average of 75 cash-game players

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