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Titan Poker Rakeback

Rakeback has become one of the more popular bonus options of the modern era for the simple reason that it allows a player to make money at the rate that they play online poker. It is therefore a very satisfying online poker experience. Although there is no Titan Poker Rakeback available right now, there are substitutes that you can use in its stead such as the Titan Poker loyalty program.

Loyalty Program Basics

The Titan Poker loyalty program works around your ability to play in real money cash games and tournaments and collect Titan Poker Points for doing so. The points that you earn are directly related to the amount of rake and tournament fees that you generate and for that reason you will gain more points as you play more poker.

As you gain more points, you get the chance to advance up through the six ranks of the Titan Poker VIP program. Starting at the bottom, gaining milestones of average monthly point totals will give you the chance to attain higher levels of VIP status. These higher levels will not only unlock special VIP tournaments and merchandise from the Titan Poker store but they will also allow you to accumulate points faster by multiplying the points that you earn by a factor that ranges from 1 to 2 depending on the level that you currently occupy.

Once youusedve started to collect points, you can then exchange points for merchandise from the Titan Poker store or even trade those points in for cold hard cash. A minimum of 2000 points is required for the cash exchange at which point you’ll get $10 of cash in return. If you can hold onto those points and earn more however, you can really make a splash with a better conversion rate. The rate gets better as you trade in larger numbers of points with the peak conversion rate coming to you at 7 million points traded in for $120,000 (nearly 4 times better than the minimum).

Comparing Loyalty Program to Rakeback

If you think about it closely, you should see without too much difficulty that there actually isn’t much difference between the Titan Poker loyalty program and what a Titan Poker Rakeback might look like if it existed. The rakeback gives you money for rake refunding and the loyalty program can be treated in the same way.

In fact, it might even be correct to say that the Titan Poker Rakeback would be a step down from the loyalty program because it doesn’t give you the chance to play in special tournaments or get merchandise from the Titan Poker store. Only the loyalty program can lead you to those things and that is why many people prefer it to any other deal that Titan Poker currently offers. So take a closer look at the Titan Poker loyalty program and you just might discover that even though there is no Titan Poker Rakeback right now, there is still a great bonus offer here to tempt you into joining.

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